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My Name is William Thomas Compton...And I Am A Vampire

Bill Compton

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Sexual My Name is William Thomas Compton...And I Am A Vampire

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:17 am

Bill could not fully believe in his actions; his head and heart seemed to be fighting an inner battle and his body was the battle field. He had never truly considered that he would feel this way. With his two progeny's Jessica and Brianna already trying to settle back in, he could not fully apprehend how they would both take another vampire living under their roof. But it was something that he owed to Eric Northman. He knew Eric would have fallen through on his request, but it seemed that even Bill did not know the full extent of what would happen when he consumed the entire vial of Lilith's blood.

He could not have known what truly laid ahead of him as he began to adapt to his new life...But that is not what it was, a new life. It was something completely different, as though everything that he was had been locked away in a cage as this new in front Bill had taken over. He wished that he could erase everything that he had done, but it was physically impossible.

He had more or less always been sure of his life, his choices and expectations. But everything was still up in the air. Locking himself away from everything that he wanted; wished to become once again. He needed to speak with Sookie, he needed to explain everything to her. But would she listen?

He had hurt her more times that he wished to recognize, but that is what a vampire was. That is what Bill Compton was. His history filled with pain and regret. There was so much that he needed to tell; that he needed to remember.

As he quickly booted up his computer signing in and he opened a document and set about making things right; for Jessica, for Sookie....For Kiara. He began typing everything that they would need to know...The world needed to know...They needed to know

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