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Events Have Been Set In Motion

Bill Compton

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Sexual Events Have Been Set In Motion

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:52 pm

Bill had known this day would come, he had tried to put it to the back of his mind. But as hard as he tried he couldn't. His mind would not let it sink in, he let is swirl around in his mind over and over. Hoping that it would weave in through the cracks that seemed to be making themselves known. And they were not being discreet about it either, they wanted to make themselves heard.

This had to be a lie, some false information that had been seeped out through a mislead. It just had to be, sometimes now he wished that he could drown all his sorrows at the bottom of a whisky bottle, a memory that he had of his father. As he raised his eyes to stare at Stefan Winters, the lead of his security team.

"Are you sure?" Bill quizzed him.

"Yes your majesty, the labs confirmed the DNA belonged to Kiara Griffen"

The evidence was there, laid in front of him; he couldn't deny what was in front of his very own eyes.

"Do you have her specific location?" he questioned Stefan.

"Yes Sire, our tracking team have pin pointed her exact location to Baton Rouge. At her previous address which is in your report"

As Bill flipped through a few pages as he saw her image once again, the exact same one that he had in a photo frame stashed in his bedroom drawer. Finding it harder and harder to see her every night he took his day rest.

"You know what to do Stefan" he ordered.

"Your Majesty...I would request more time to find a solution that would best suit my team"

"You will do your job Stefan! Have the basement prepped and bring her in. I cannot allow her to run wild any longer. Who knows what will happen...So do your job and bring her in. That is not a request!" Bill snapped.

"Of course your Majesty...I shall have a team prepped within the hour"

Stefan stood from his chair and bowed stiffly at Bill as he took a haste exit. Leaving Bill alone once again, just how he preferred to be right now. Events had been set in motion, now would be the time. Kiara would soon be where she once belonged, but under complete new circumstances.

This was not going to end well.

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