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The Target Will Be Acquired

Bill Compton

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Sexual The Target Will Be Acquired

Post by Bill Compton on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:15 am

Dwelling on the times of Bill Compton's history seemed to drain him more than he realized, he had never really sat back and thought at all he had achieved and all that he had destroyed. But yet there was this part of him that could not break away. Having found the drive to do this, to pen down his memoirs. Bill never did realize that his history contained so much detail to write down. But it was the only thing that kept his mind at bay from thinking about the events of what would be happening soon.

Brought out of his trace of thoughts as he heard yet another knock at his office door as he ended yet another chapter in his book.

"Enter!" he called out.

The door slowly creaked open as Stefan Winters appeared in the threshold.

"Your Majesty, I thought you should know the team is ready to deploy. We shall acquire the target within the hour"

"Good. Do what you must to subdue her, but do not hurt her. Do I make myself clear?" he instructed.

"Yes, your Majesty"

"Good, you are dismissed!" he gave a flick of his hand.

"Your Majesty, a parcel arrived for you today"

Stefan held a small brown parcel in his hand as he deposited it on Bill's desk.

"Thank you Stefan...You know what to do" he ordered.

"I shall call ahead when we have the target"

Bill felt a growl begin to tremble in his throat as he forced it to remain there, Stefan was really getting on his nerves, but Bill did have to admit that he was good at his job.

"The target that you talk about has a name. Her name is Kiara Griffen. You do well to remember that Stefan" he growled.

"My apologies your Majesty"

And with that, Stefan gave a swift bow as he took his exit. Hopefully sensing that Bill wished to be alone. As he glanced at his parcel as he knew what it would be, tearing the brown wrapping paper off as he threw it into the trash can beside his desk. He had ordered this several months ago, and now it had arrived. Bill had heard a lot about this book, and it seemed that now he had found the right thing to keep his mind at bay until the time that would soon arrive upon him. Kiara Griffen would soon be home once again.

As he flipped through the first few pages, he settled comfortably in his chair as he began reading; Timeless Night by Torie James

'They had lost a battle no one knew they were fighting. It had all been for nothing'

He couldn't seem to put the book down, but there was another that he was anticipating the release off. Over the years since Bill Compton became a vampire, he found solace in the pages of books; Circle of Secrets by Lauren Tisdale.

Could not come soon enough. But lucky for Bill, he had well established connections.

The perks of being the King of Louisiana.

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