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Cell #3

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Cell #3

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:40 pm

After her first night with the methoxetamine mixed with the vodka, despite waking up with a mild headache, after reviewing the security tapes of her home she found that nothing dangerous happened. She had squirmed around, acted quite drunk and really the only mess was an empty vodka bottle on the floor. She hadn’t slept much before her alarm blared around 7 am but she figured tonight, with another dose of the methoxetamine, plenty of booze and sleep deprivation chances are she’d just fall harmlessly asleep. It was a much better solution than seeking out vampire blood. With Logan’s detailed notes, her own knowledge of her body and cameras everywhere she figured she could test this out for a week or so, get into a good rhythm and perhaps get back to a quasi normal life.

During the day Kiara busied herself preparing things for the night. She showered, ate well, prepared several doses of the methoxetamine, placing them into tiny plastic pouches. She had to chuckle since it looked like powdered cocaine. She had so far avoided snorting the drugs, since wolf noses were so sensitive chances are she’d just have a sneezing attack, but she figured in a pinch it would get her out of trouble. She’d pack plenty into her wallet for emergencies.

Once that was taken care of she went about her business. She checked her emails, answered a message from Glenn asking about her welfare and spent a few minutes on the phone with little Sophie. She was her whole motivation to try and beat down this beast. If it wasn’t for little Sophie Kiara would just go find Quinn and let him kill her already.

All too soon the sun was getting closer to setting. This time Kiara chose peach flavored vodka, something she could chug without any incentive. She dissolved the dose of drug into it and began to take sips here and there as she went about setting up the cameras and locking her home. She was soon feeling nice and light, relaxed. She was about 2/3rds done with her bottle and already aching to get some sleep. With a mostly empty stomach the alcohol was making its way steadily through her system.

There was a knock on her door, a very loud, angry knock. It took Kiara several seconds to even register the knock before shouts could be heard from the other side. People were shouting, they were trying to break in, she could tell by all the banging against her bulletproof windows.

Kiara got up, vodka bottle in hand before a small explosion rattled and broke her front door off her hinges.

“GO GO GO!” shouted someone and a group of men stormed in, guns in hand, green laser sights going all over the place before they settled on her.

Kiara slowly turned her head. It was like watching a movie. She could see herself watch the men storm her house and she was just too far gone to care.

“You’re coming with us”  said a younger man as the laser sights settled on her head and above her heart.

“Look….pretty lights” she said with a dumb happy grin on her face. Suddenly two men tackled her to the ground, shouting orders and restraining her first with handcuffs then with ties made of Spectra. It was a special light weight, bullet proof material. Near impossible to break by hand, it was perfect for restraining without using bulky things like chains.

Kiara struggled half heartedly, mostly because she was confused. Why were they tying her up? Why were they shouting? And why wouldn’t they let her finish her drink?

“Who…are you?” she said, her voice slightly slurred. The two burly men kept tying her up, being rough in their manhandling like she was some fearsome struggling criminal. They placed a leather gag around her mouth and then covered her eyes.

“We’re taking you to the King of Louisiana. You are now his prisoner” said the young man apparently directing the operation. She was suddenly lifted like a criminally insane person. She was taken to a van and placed in the back.

“Stefan, what do we do with the house?” asked one of the guards. Stefan shrugged as he watched the woman be loaded into the van. “Just screw the door back on. We were never here….keep the house under surveillance, I’m sure the King will want to know everyone who knows of this woman” he said. Some guards began to put the door back on its hinges and screwing it shut. Everything happened in the span of about 5 minutes. The guards piled back into two vans, Stefan moving to sit in the back with the woman.

Kiara had stopped struggling. Everything had gone black and quiet. She wanted to stretch out but couldn’t. She was all tied up in an uncomfortable position. She couldn't talk, could barely move her head. She was getting grumpy but the drugs kept her relaxed still. She wondered if she was hallucinating, maybe if she slept she’d wake up all comfortable in her couch.

Stefan looked at the woman. From the file he’d been reading he had expected a massive fight, but she had barely even reacted. He figured it was because she was flagged to hell. He had seen the nearly empty bottle of vodka. He’d mention to the King that this woman was a drunk, since no one could drink a whole bottle like that and survive. He was baffled as to what the Vampire King wanted with this woman. She wasn’t overly pretty, she was very skinny, almost too skinny, and as a drunk? She didn’t seem too reliable. Maybe he wanted her as another live in donor, but it wasn’t his style to go kidnapping people. Maybe this woman was going to feed the vampires the King kept. That made more sense, throw some nobody at a learning baby vampire and if the human died it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Stefan prodded the woman with his foot, hearing a tiny groan as a response. Well either way this woman was destined for a pre-arranged cell in the manor basement and he’d report to the king in less than an hour that she was captured.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 hour later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Two guards carried Kiara and tossed her literally into a cell. She was still all bound and gagged, the guards not really caring about untying her.  None of the guards even knew her name, none but Stefan and it was only a name he knew.

Stefan made his way to the king’s office and knocked on the door. “Your Majesty, we’ve secured the woman you requested. She is in cell 3” he said, feeling surprisingly proud of himself. Surely his boss would be proud, maybe even give him a raise.

No one seemed to spare a second thought to Kiara, who now lay in a darkened cell. The drugs still kept her pleasantly calm and with the sleep exhaustion she’d been nursing before she found herself sliding down on the floor, away from the little cot that was supposed to be a bed. The floor was nice and cool and the basement silent enough that before she knew it she had slipped into slumber. Even the pain from being tied up awkwardly and of being gagged ebbed away under the guise of sleep. Her mind filed away all the worries for later.

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