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Taming the hunger


Sexual Taming the hunger

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:51 pm

After leaving Quinn's place, she had about an hour until the sun would be coming up. A shower would do some good. But first...food. She felt like she was starving and hadn't ate in weeks. It had only been a few days, but with so much going on, keeping her hunger in check was tricky. True Blood was off limits because it was tainted and with everything that had gone down at the camp, finding a human to drink from was beginning to get hard. She moved to Bills office and opened the cabinet he stashed his blood in. Even that was running low. She looked over the labels and tapped her chin while thinking of a selection. Grabbing a bottle with a fancy name in some other language, she popped the top off and sniffed. It smelled sweet. Maybe vintage blood?

Shrugging, she lifted the bottle to her lips and titled it as the room temperature liquid hit her tongue and poured into her mouth. It was sweet, and a tad bit tangy. Not bad at all actually. Closing it back, she continued to take swig after swig of the blood and made her way up the stairs. She giggled and saw the stairs move, shaking her head as she grabbed the banister with her free hand. She giggled again and then hiccuped, wondering what exactly she was drinking. Slowly taking the stairs one by one, giggling as she did so, she made it to the top and whistled low. Stumbling towards her room, she took another swig of the nearly empty bottle.

Once she was in her room, she turned on her ipod and danced around to the music that blared out. Setting the bottle down on the side, she lifted her shirt above her head and tossed it. Unclasping her bra, she threw it on the pile of clothes. Shimming out of her skirt, she got woozy and clutched her head. "Woah..." Her vision came and went and she felt really heavy eyed. The next thing she knew, she had fallen face first into her bed, wearing just her underwear.


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