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Brianna's Surprise From Bill

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Brianna's Surprise From Bill

Post by Brianna Jackson on Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:21 am

The sun had not long ago set but yet it seemed longer to Brianna; she would still never get used to this sleeping through the day stuff and awake all night. But now that she had no choice, as the sun grew closer to rising her body would become weak and tired. Pulling her under for what she called 'Dead Time Sleep', but yet she had seen Bill the following night and he had not gone to his sleep. But he had explained that the older the vampire, the more strength that they had to fight against the pull of the sun.

The older the vampire...That would mean it would take years for her to learn to do that! And how long was years? Ten? One Hundred? Time meant nothing to vampires anymore it was just a constant stretch of life ahead of her.

As she threw back the thin blanket that covered her as she caught a glimpse of something that had not been there before. The doors to her walk in closet were left ajar, but she remembered closing them the following night having been making a list of things that she would need. Bill having promised to make sure that she had everything that she would ever need.

As she approached the doors cautiously as she peered inside; everything had changed! It was full!

"Oh....My......God!" she spoke in awe.

Everything was here....Everything that had been on her list and much much more. When did he do this? As her hands ran across some of the soft silk in the dresses section, she had never seen so much silk before in her life, and the price tags ranging from $200 - $2000.

How could he afford all of this? She shook her head, of course he was a King. The King of Louisiana, he had to be loaded. The shoes...Oh dear lord the shoes, Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutin....and dear god ‎Manolo Blahniks...

She was in heaven....There was so much to choose from..

"Oh...My.........." she screamed mentally as there was so much there, how did he know? He bought her more than she had asked for.

How did Bill know that this had been what she was intending on asking him if she could get from her own home, but this stuff was far more better than what she could afford...And a new phone? Why would she need a new phone? It's not like anyone called her on the one that she had now.

Was this how it was going to be from now on? Whatever she asked for he would get for her. Did he do this for Jessica when she was turned?

But now it was time for Brianna to get her hands dirty in all this new stuff, maybe Willa would like to help her?

Speeding from her room as she headed straight for her room next door as she knocked on excitedly.

"Willa?.....Willa you there?" she called out to her.

Opening her door as she peeked her head inside to see that her room was empty, the bed was untouched, bed still made as though she hadn't spent her rest rest..Her bags still rested in the corner of the room. Had she gone without saying goodbye?

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