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Finally Paying Attention

Bill Compton

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Sexual Finally Paying Attention

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:47 am

Bill Compton still couldn't believe what he had done, he continued to play the events from the previous night over in his mind. He knew that Kiara would still more than likely be out from the sedative that he had given her. But he had been left with no choice, he could not take the risk that she would try and escape whilst he took his day rest. And with no one knowing that she was locked away in an underground bunker on his land. He could not take the risk that she would be found, especially by a certain Tiger, knowing that he had a grudge with her.

"What!" Bill snapped as he could see a guard hesitant about entering his office.

"My apologies your....Majesty, this letter...just came....for you" he stuttered.

Bill stood from his desk and walked around towards the door as he took the letter from the guard and dismissed him who seemed thankful to be leaving. As he tore into the letter he frowned as he quickly scanned over the letter, before ending the letter knowing exactly who it came from, smelling the familiar scent; Jessica.

Dear Bill,

I tried...and I failed. My irrational behavior and inability to not act impulsively have only caused you disappointment. I'm not the progeny you expected, I want so badly to make you proud and I never can seem to do so. I am sorry for my actions tonight and I don't blame you if you never wish to speak to me again.

You've been like a father to me, a best friend, a confidant, and I can never thank you enough. I'll always look at you as my father but I know you'd probably rather disown me. Your secret about Kiara is safe with me, it's not my business to tell. I'm sorry I couldn't be what you needed me to be.


He repeated the letter over in his head as he tried to quench the hole in his stomach that had begun to form. Without a hesitant thought he pulled out his cell and hit dial as he waited for the ringtone - voice-mail.

"Jessica....It's Bill...Come home....Please" he whispered into the speaker.

Soon ending the call, Jessica was gone. And he was not sure if she was going to come back. He could not fully sense her out, but he could summon her back if he wanted to, but he wasn't. If time is what she needed, then he was going to give her it. She would keep her promise about Kiara safe.....But Jessica was gone.

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