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I Will Be An Enemy To Your Enemies

Bill Compton

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Sexual I Will Be An Enemy To Your Enemies

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:31 am

Bill knew that his plan may go pear shaped, that what he wanted with Kiara may end up in a disaster. That all his hopes and dreams of reuniting with Kiara, to be how they once where before Lilith happened, would be nothing more than false hope.

But still he had to believe that he was doing the right thing by her.

He knew that Kiara would never forgive herself if she endangered someone that she truly cared about, hoping that he was one of them. But he could not keep a hold of that thought

He had to be realistic about the fact that the Kiara that he loved was gone, that there was still a chance that he may not be able to bring her back to the life that she once had. But he would do what he could.

He couldn't give up hope that he had the strength to complete this task.

But there was still an object in the way, one that Bill knew that he could not avoid; John Quinn.

Bill had promised Jessica that he would never harm the tiger, but now things had changed. Bill would do whatever he could to get Quinn off her back. But he knew that he had to tread lightly, Jessica loved the Tiger. So he was stuck in rut about how to approach this.

But first:

Bill pulled out his cell as he scrolled through a list of names as he came to John Quinn and hit dial and was greeted by a voice-mail message.

"I require a meeting. Let me know your arrangements"

He snapped his cell closed as he contemplated his actions, this could work in her favor.

But first he needed to assess the enemy.

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