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Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Motivation

Post by Kiara Griffen on Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:38 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bunker in the Compton Property~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She awoke sometime during the night. Her whole body felt gross, like she hadn't showered in days which... as it dawned on her she really hadn't. She tried to move but it was a losing battle. Whatever Bill had injected her with was still in her blood system. After what seemed like an eternity of feeling like a slug and trying to will her limbs to move she managed to sit up. The bunker was ice cold and dark as ever, no sliver of light anywhere and she had no idea where anything was.

As she slowly turned her body, trying to at least get her feet to the floor her eyes finally adjusted enough to where she noticed a tiny yellow light somewhere off to her right. With great difficulty she reached for the light, her hand fumbling around in the dark until her fingers closed in around whatever emanated the yellow light. It was small, it was cold and as she let her thumb caress the side it opened to reveal itself to be a cell phone. The tiny screen bathed the bunker in pale white light and made her eyes water. She closed it to give her eyes a moment to adjust before opening the cell phone again. Only then did she study the tiny screen.

It showed the date, at least 4 days after the last time she remembered being home. Then the time which was currently just pass 8 pm. It had full signal strength which was surprising and a full battery charge. She slowly moved her thumb over to where the menu option was. It was nothing but a bare bones burn phone with "Bill Compton" as its one and only contact. She rolled her eyes. She had to tinker with the settings until she managed to bring up a normal dial screen instead of having the phone automatically call Bill.

She racked her brains until she pushed through the drug induced fog to remember the number she had to dial to reach her personal message box back home. Thank goodness it was an encrypted line so nothing she said or heard could be recorded. She dialed the number, entered a set of passwords and dialed another number before she reached her voicemail. She skipped through a few business calls, nothing to worry about right now until she reached Glenn's message. He spoke about how things were going good with Logan but it was the last bit of the message that got to her.

"Come over here and say hi to Mommy" said Glenn. There was a tiny moment of silence before an angelic toddler voice filled the line "...Hi Mommy. Uncle Glenn says you're sick. Are you sick? I hope you get better Mommy I miss you" said the beautiful innocent voice of Sophie. "....I miss you Mommy. I hope I see you soon" she said before Glenn retook the line and wished her well and hoped to hear from her soon. Kiara sat there in silence, Sophie's words ringing in her mind. Like a bright ray of sunshine against the darkness of her heart she could feel emotion swell inside her. Thats right, she couldn't wallow in her own misery. Sophie needed her. She wouldn't abandon Sophie like Bill had so carelessly done.

With renewed purpose she slowly peeled herself from the bed and stood. The world spun for a moment in the darkness as her legs felt like limp noodles. She used the cell phone screen to light the way until she found a lamp on a tiny desk. Turning on the lamp it bathed the bunker in dim orange light which was better than the tiny bright screen.  She stumbled her way to a door which seemed to lead into the smallest bathroom she'd ever seen. The shower cubicle would barely fit one person. It all felt a bit claustrophobic.

She groaned as she made her way to the shower and turned it on. Ice cold water blasted her body which served in waking her up and remind her that she was too weak to be in cold water, but she didn't care. It took a while, what with having to maneuver in the tiny shower and her body still feeling like it was full of goo but she managed to wash herself and feel marginally better afterwards. She stepped out, shivering even more until she realized there wasn't a towel anywhere to be found.

"Great...just fucking great..." she muttered as she stood there freezing her ass off. She looked around and found a tiny pile of clothes in the corner. She walked over to them finding a small towel there, some loose workout-esque clothes and.. mortifyingly... clean underwear. At least this meant Bill had been here at some point. The mere thought that he was picking out her underwear both made her angry and made her nostalgic.  It seemed like lifetimes ago where she'd lay naked in bed at the mansion, letting Bill pick out whatever frilly thing he wanted her in just to have him tear it apart later on in the night once things got hot and heavy. She sighed as she sat down on the bed, the towel draped over her back to keep her hair from dripping on the bed.

How much things have changed.... it made her sad to think they had fallen so apart from each other. Even as she sat there and recalled Sophie's voice and how much Sophie wanted her to get better, it seemed almost meaningless now to remain angry at Bill. He couldn't change his nature, just like she couldn't stop being broken. He was a vampire after all, humanity wouldn't come easy to him even if he tried, and what he thought was beneficial to her differed greatly from what she believed was beneficial to her.

She turned to the phone and sighed, feeling emotionally exhausted. She had a misguided vampire and a tiger out for her blood to deal with before she could return to being the mother Sophie deserved. But all of that was a moot point if she couldn't get out of this bunker. As she turned her head to look at the steel reinforced door she knew to be locked her stomach growled. She couldn't recall the last time she'd had a decent meal. She looked around and found a small fridge where she hoped there was at least something to drink. With great effort she stood, and got dressed. She decided to go commando, somehow putting on those panties Bill had chosen made her feel like she was conceding defeat to him.
Once she had the workout pants on and the long t-shirt provided she made her way to the fridge, figuring that if she was going to kill some time alone in this bunker, she might as well do something useful.

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