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Bill Compton

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Sexual Doubts

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:39 am

Bill couldn't get the memory of his last visit with Kiara out of his mind, it was as though it had been imprinted in his mind, made never to forget. He remembered when he first had Kiara brought in she had been uncontrollable, feral. It was as though the woman that he loved was completely gone and left nothing but a hollow shell with a physical image behind. But after their last encounter he could not get her out of his mind as though the wall that he had built up around him was crumbling to pieces.

He had tried to re-build him barrier up around him to protect himself from allowing himself to believe that he could be the one to save her, but deep down he knew that there could be a chance that he would have to let her go. He had been holding onto the piece of her that he had fallen in love with. But he still did not know if that even still existed. Or if it was even possible that she was still in there somewhere, but he knew that he needed to fight to bring her back, he couldn't give up on bringing her back.

Even if it meant that he had to let her go afterwards because it is something that she wanted, he would not stand in her way. He would let her go if that is what she wanted of him. No matter how much it hurt him, he would let her go.

Raising the glass to his lips as he drained the blood in one swift mouthful without letting it touch the inside of his mouth as it glided down his throat, quenching the irritant thirst growing inside of him. Something that he had not felt since the moment that he had lost everything, gazing out of the window as he could see the sun breaking beyond the clouds.

Tomorrow would be a new day, tomorrow he would return to the bunker. Tomorrow he would find out if Kiara was still in there, somewhere.

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