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Away on Business

Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual Away on Business

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:27 pm

{He left Friday and would not return until the 29th, but it had to be done. A huge job had been given to Herveaux Contracting, one he could not pass up. A home was to be built out in the secluded part of the city, away from nearly everything. When he met the client, he was shocked to see it was a woman. She seemed loaded, and the house she wanted to build was extensive. It would require a lot of time and work. Luckily by now, he had gotten a few new hires for the job. He didn't like vampires, but at one point considered hiring one for night jobs. They could definitely get the job done faster, but he didn't trust them. Not with everything going down with them lately. The part he hated the most? Leaving Sookie behind. It meant not seeing her for over a week. She had helped him pack and wished him well, he tried to make her believe him that he would be back. She seemed sad, but maybe he was overthinking it.}

"Hey, yeah...I did. Thank you for that. Yes, tomorrow at nine sharp. Alright, yeah I'll see you then."

{He hung up the phone and contemplated calling Sookie. He thought about her constantly and had only been in Baton Rouge for a few days. He would not be picky though, this job would land him money in the thousands. Enough to pick the business back up and hire more people, get a building and a fresh start. He pulled the picture up that he had taken of himself and Sookie before he left. She was looking up at him with a smile, arms wrapped around his waist as he held the phone and had his arm around her back. He sighed and wished things hadn't been so complicated.}

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