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Hunger and calls

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Hunger and calls

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:24 pm

A buzzing sound in the distance slowly began to bring her back to the waking world. She groaned, reaching to the side over and over and trying to find her phone which was buzzing but try as she might she couldn’t seem to reach the night stand. She opened her eyes and was met with near total darkness. She blinked, the buzzing fading away. She had to lift her head, for a moment totally unaware of where she was. It took her having to turn her head around over to look at the full room to put a name to where she was. She was in Bill’s master bedroom and judging by the fact she was alone and the dim floor lights were on, as well as the shutters on the light tight windows were up it was way pass sundown.

She rubbed her eyes and tried to sit up. The blanket fell off her bare body, leaving her feeling mildly chilled. She scratched her head, her hair its usual post wake up mess. She tried to remember how she’d gotten here. She recalled Bill and her back at her house, what they had done and falling asleep in his arms. Then….then she vaguely remembered being carried out of the house. She had been so tired, so oddly drained everything had been just a blur of images. She recalled Bill promising her she’d be safe and before she knew it they had been kissing and well, more physical things had happened.

Now that explained why she felt sore in certain places, why she felt so physically tired but mentally rested and why she was in Bill’s bedroom. She slowly scooted to the edge of the bed and sat there for a moment. She reached finally for the night stand, turning on one of the lamps, giving her more light. She saw in the corner the things she’d gone home to gather. A bag with her laptop, phone, a planner, just little things to keep running her business despite Bill not being too keen on it. She tried to stand and nearly fell over. She’d forgotten how it was like to lose your virginity again. Just like when she had been 18 she’d felt sore and her legs had not wanted to work, and since she and Bill had done it twice, well her legs were less than pleased on trying to hold her weight.

She sighed and powered through the lethargy and headed to take a nice cool shower. It worked wonders on her body, waking her up better and helping her get some more energy into her body. After her shower and while she was looking for a robe to wear she noticed the bruises on her arms and hips. They looked like handprints and she spent some time in front of the mirror examining them. She couldn’t believe she’d bruised. She never bruised easily. Perhaps with her renewed body came new traits, like the fact she seemed to bruise like a melon now.
She found a clean robe and wrapped up her body before heading back to the bedroom. She knew she couldn’t leave the bedroom, she wasn’t sure if the servants were still leaving food by the guest room. She hoped they were because with her lethargy gone came her usual ravenous hunger.

She went over to her bag and fished out her phone. She knew that had been buzzing so she sat back down on the bed to check her messages. A few emails she could ignore but then one urgent email from Glenn. She began reading the email and gasped. In short Glenn had sent her a sort of calendar that noted the deliveries for the usual establishments that required synthetic blood. A few vampire bars, some noted vampires and of course Bill as the king of the territory.

She saw that several of them had not had a delivery in several months. The email also contained some news clippings about the downfall of true blood after several vampires were said to contract a deadly disease. No one wanted to buy true blood and there were no other reputable synthetic blood sellers. She didn’t worry much about others but Bill? How could he neglect to tell her he didn’t have any more synthetic blood?

She dialed a number and hoped the person on the other side would pick up. “Come on…come on…” she whispered before someone picked up. “Dude I need a huge favor…” she said. She chuckled as the person on the other line sounded ornery at being told to work so late. “Yes yes…the usual pay. I need you to get whatever stock we have left… yeah from the warehouse and bring it to the King’s mansion” she said, knowing he would know what she meant by King. She rolled her eyes “One day I’ll explain to you my complex love life… but right now you need to get that delivered to the mansion asap” she said as she leaned back on the pillows. After a few more minutes of talking she hung up and sighed. Maybe if Bill showed up later she’d take him to task, for now she kept her ears open for the sound of the food kart so she could sneak it in here and fill her stomach.

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