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Sexual Bedridden

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:39 pm

It sucked. This bedridden crap sucked. She was not allowed to get out of bed unless she was showering or moving around the room. There were a troop of guards outside her room and James was dead set on not letting her exert herself until she was fully healed. He said another day or so...she felt fine. It only hurt when she moved fast....but she didn't tell James that. He kept leaving and saying he had errands to run, and was obviously still hiding some sort of surprise. The guards were also not talking...and they wore the latest of vampire contacts. Threatening to rip a limb off still had them tight lipped.

She sighed heavily and looked around the empty room. James claimed he was going to get more blood...but it was taking an awfully long time. She called his cell and got no answer. What was he up to? Was he....no, no do not think that. She shook her head of the thoughts invading her mind and stood slowly from the bed. It had only been two days since she was attacked and everyone was still in freak out mode. She didn't know Brianna's status and no one was really telling her. There was still no word on Bill and she was not happy about it.

Opening the door to her room, one of the guards stepped in front with his gun in his hands ready to move and point at any minute. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "So let me get this straight...if I run or try to escape, you'll shoot me but your purpose here is to keep me safe and unharmed. Can someone say...irony?" She growled and slammed the door in his face, frustrated with being treated like a breakable doll. She was not breakable damn it! Quinn had trained her in defense and well...he never really got to finish but she knew enough. Hmmm...now there's a thought. She snapped her fingers and grinned, a plan forming in her mind. She was not going to lay around in bed like some kind of elderly patient....she was going to kick ass.

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