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New Beginnings



Sexual New Beginnings

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 9:33 pm

I unpacked the bag with all the ingredients my Wiccan friend from Ohio had told me to get and made the preparations for the cleansing ritual. I open the container of salt and prepare the area with the new broom sweeping in the counter clockwise circle moving from the center of the room to the back door. I try to ground myself with only positive thoughts before I start casting the main circle. I sit in the middle of the floor and meditate for a while and let my shields down so I am completely open to positive engery


Sexual Re: New Beginnings

Post by Guest on Tue May 29, 2012 6:57 pm

I light the four corner candles and finally light the center candle and ask for the goddess presence to bring peace and prosperity to this building. I take the sage and light it with the spirit candle going around the room , windows, and entrances speaking clearly........
Cleanse this house and make it clear —

Only good may enter here!
I snuff the sage out and light the cedar working in reverse of the sage around the building speaking out loud..............
Blessings grace this cozy place it

All joy and peace may it embrace

Snuffing the cedar I then light the sweetgrass saying............
Infinite Power of the Divine

Protect and bless this place through time!

I snuff the sweet grass and end the cleansing with
By the Power of the Divine

This place is Blessed!

Blessed Be!
And close the circle by thanking the Goddess and corners. Hoping with all my heart that my extra little bit of Fairy magic will seep into the cleansing and help any spirits finally move on.

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