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Men Troubles

Brianna Jackson
Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Men Troubles

Post by Brianna Jackson on Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:50 am

'How could she have done this to Quinn? She had betrayed him just like how Jessica had done. Although she had not slept with Matthew she had still allowed him to kiss her and she had kissed him back. What was she going to do if Arabella told him what she had done?'

After a brief shower and quick change Brianna returned to her bed as she slumped down beneath the thick duvet pulling it up to her chin as she tried to block out the memory of Matthew's kiss. It was so different to Quinn's she couldn't describe it. Matthew was human, that was the only thing that she could put it down to. It had to be. But the way that he had kissed her, so passionately and so gently, it made her miss being human. 

But why had she done it?

She loved Quinn and Matthew was her personal body guard and she was pretty sure that kissing was not in his job description.

But why had she kissed him? 

Pulling out the secret phone that Arabella had given her as she switched it on and found text message from Quinn as she could not help but smile as she opened it and she felt herself break.

Sorry for delay. Have been out out of touch with everyone while I deal with something. Be careful, you are in danger from Texas.~

In danger from Texas? What did that mean? She had sent him a message saying that she loved him and this was all that she got back? That note he had written was so sweet and caring. She instantly began typing her reply.

"Where are you? I need to see you. I love you. B x" as she hit send.

Turning the phone off she quickly stashed it away in her secret place as she fell back into bed with her duvet.

Men...Too much hassle.

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