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Covering the bases


Sexual Covering the bases

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:35 pm

"Yes, I will. Thank you." She smiled at the woman and took the bag from her. She was prepared and armed, ready for whatever might happen later. She was responsible and knew this was best. She couldn't afford the chance. Best on the market with a great success rate, she felt confident in her choice. "I appreciated you seeing me on such short notice." The woman inclined her head.

"We deal with this a lot and this one is new. It was just released a few months ago and our clients are very happy. Good luck."

With that, she headed for the awaiting car. Tijgerian had allowed her to take a late lunch and she took advantage by running her personal errand. She only hoped Tolvin didn't get the wrong idea.

Since being back, they tried so hard not to depict anything unusual even though her nerves had calmed around him, her hormones did not. They would steal kisses and looks...each days was harder than the last. But professional is what they agreed on so professional it would remain.

Sexual Re: Covering the bases

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:51 pm

Her cell rung as she settled into the back if the car and she jumped. Answering with a shaky voice, she heard George on the other line.

"Miss Petrakis, I'd like an updated report Miss Sevti right away."

"An update on what? I've sent the emails with information on each account. Did you not receive it?"

"I want to know about John Quinn." She pressed her lips together and wondered where this was going and why he wanted to know.

"He's...he's uh...the CEO of EeE services. He was kind and offered us a place to stay after the attack."


"I mean...it was...ummm I'll have Miss Sevti call you soon. Bye George."

She quickly hung up.

She was so fired. SO fired.

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