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leaving a clear message

John Quinn

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Sexual leaving a clear message

Post by John Quinn on Wed May 07, 2014 8:30 am

Quinn watched as the software on his computer superimposed the Authority logo behind him, masking his real background. He chuckled as he realized he had never changed that setting. He waited for a minute for his call to connect. When it did, he saw a small woman peering into the screen with curiosity.

"It is good to see you again, Ashanti. It had been a long time."

"Mr Quinn? You are still speaking for Them? I thought with the fall of the..."

"Did you really think the destruction of a few vampires and a building would destroy the Authority, Ashanti? Turn on the recorder. I have a message for your Mistress when she awakens tonight."

He watched as the woman pressed a button below the monitor.

"It's on, Mr. Quinn."

Quinn nodded and looked directly into the screen.

"Greetings, your Majesty. This is more in the nature of a courtesy call than anything, so have no concerns. My family and I are within the boundaries of Brazil for a short time on business and personal reasons. We are to be left alone. We are not here to play in local politics and I would be very upset if anyone would try to change that fact."

He leaned in toward the screen.

"While the Council may have fallen, their secrets are still safe with me. Some of those are less than pleasant, and I would hate to have need for them to become public. I have a task to ask of you. Someone set things in motion to make an attempt to grab my son. I want to know who gave the order. I know you were not involved, but you have a lot of contacts, as I do. You need not vid-chat with me. A simple text of a name of the coordinator and the origin of the order are all I need."

He sighed and then forced a smile.

"Do this for me and I will destroy the Authority files on Brazil...all your secrets will go away. Remember, Your Majesty, we just wish to be left alone. I will hold you responsible for any vampire who breaks that trust. Remember me well, Majesty...I do not play nice. This call never happened. Have Ashanti send me the names once you have them. No other contact is needed. Once we are safe at home, the files can be destroyed without reservation."

Quinn pressed the keys to close the window and reached around, disconnecting the hard line from the laptop. He smiled as he leaned back in his chair. If all went as he planned, he would have everything he wanted in place. This was going to be an interesting trip.

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