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Hard work pays off


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Sexual Hard work pays off

Post by Tijgerian on Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:09 pm

It had been two weeks since her arrival and in just three days she had landed the job, been offered the advertising position and a bonus if she agreed to take it. She had an Associates degree in Marketing and Advertising, a Bachelors in Architecture and Design. She'd done well for a while then landed a job at the firm as an intern and learned a lot about inspections and business management. All in all, she was a well rounded business woman.

She smiled and shook hands with the CEO of the company. "I look forward to expanding."

"It was a pleasure working with you Miss Sevti. Please think about my offer." She smiled and nodded once more. His offer was one very hard to pass up. It meant starting her own business, or at least free lancing. There was no way George would allow her to head her own corporate expansion with multiple locations. He wanted to branch into a chain and open a restaurant in New Orleans and Miami, with her heading the renovations, building, design, marketing and advertising. It would mean big money, but also busy days. It was a lot to consider, it was something she always wanted but at what cost. She had a son...and now there was John.

She headed for the car and her phone began to ring. Seeing who was calling, she rolled her eyes and hit the ignore button. She hadn't heard from him in a week and assumed he had gone back to India. He called again and she once again hit ignore. "Yes, the hotel please." She slid into the back of the limo and slipped her feet out of her heels. Sighing a sigh of relief, she rubbed her feet and closed her eyes.

The day had been super long. Her phone chimed again and she didn't look at it, just answered. "What the FUCK do you not understand about--" She stopped when she heard another voice on the line saying her name. "Oh, sorry Rochelle. It's...it's been a long day. Everything okay?" She listened as Rochelle began to explain about wanting to bring Rajat out for dinner and a movie with she and Tolvin. "Yeah I uh...don't mind. I'll probably just go straight to bed. Is...John there?"

"Yeah, he insisted we call to ask you first. We know you're exhausted and he's been working a lot too. Tolvin thought some alone time was needed." She giggled softly and Tij rolled her eyes.

"Oh Rochelle, really?" They both laughed a bit together and she smiled. "It's fine with me but please be safe. Which, I have no doubt you will be...considering you've turned from Plain Jane to GI Jane in a matter of a few months. I always told you to embrace it, I knew you had it in you. You're your fathers daughter, and you take after him. He'd be proud."

"Oh Tij, hush. You'll make me cry." Rochelle giggled and Tij smiled.

"Have fun." After ending the call, she thought about John and found herself smiling more. They had a few family dates since they were here and had taken Raj to the beach and Brazilian festival, but their alone time was scarce. She had to admit, she did miss him. Sighing contently, she laid across the back seat on her back and watched the night sky through the sun roof, unable to stop thinking about John and if he'd be at the hotel. Her cold heart was beginning to thaw because of him...and she was helpless to stop it.

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