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Bourbon makes it better


Sexual Bourbon makes it better

Post by George Walker on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:26 pm

He poured another glass of bourbon and brought it to his lips, taking a greedy pull and hissing as it slid down his throat smoothly. A slight burn, but not too bad. Looking back down at the paperwork before him, he continued to reel over the news he had gotten recently. In an email, no less. She was leaving him, and the company. His precious Tijgerian was stolen by that beast of a man named John. He was so close to being let in by her, he had been her friend for years. Saved her from things she hadn't even realized, and yet...he was tossed aside like yesterdays garbage.

They could have been happy, if only she had given him a chance. But she hadn't and he was not going to stop until he got his revenge. John Quinn would watch as he killed her...slowly. Then, he would meet the same fate. Maybe. Then again, the best torture is knowing you cannot be with someone, even in death.

He curled a lip at the thought of him and staggered to his feet, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth. "I'm gonna getchu you sonofabitch!" He pointed at a photo taken by surveillance and threw his glass of bourbon at it. The glass hit the wall and shattered into many shards, the brown liquid going everywhere. The stench of whiskey was strong on him and in his office.

Picking up the phone, he made a call. "Move in. I want the boy." He said in a slur before hanging up.

Sexual Re: Bourbon makes it better

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:43 pm

She heard her phone go off and looked over at Tolvin sleeping. Seeing the familiar number, she answered. "Papa, I miss you so much! We should be there in a day or so."

Her brows knit together, hearing his voice. He sounded almost hoarse. "Papa? What is it?" She strained to hear, unable to make out what he was trying to say before the line went dead. Something was wrong. Really wrong. "Tolvin!" She said with a shaky voice before she jumped out of bed and rushed to pull her jeans on. "We have to go, we have to go now." She rushed from the room as he slowly began to stir, attempting to make sense of her insane rambling and pacing. "I'll get Rajat."

She moved into the next room and was getting him from bed when the window burst open, glass flying everywhere. She screamed and felt someone grab her and cover her mouth. She held onto Rajat, holding him to her chest as she screamed into the cloth. Her eyes grew heavier and she couldn't fight with arms full. Soon, she found herself falling into the darkness.

Sexual Re: Bourbon makes it better

Post by Tolvin Richter on Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:41 pm

Tolvin heard her shout and ran into the room, just managing to dodge a bullet that shattered a piece of the door frame. He dropped to his knee, putting two rounds into the attacker's chest. As the man fell, he ran to the windows and saw three black sedans driving away. He growled and kicked the body at his feet, forcing a groan from the dying man. He began going through the man's clothing and found a parking ticket for a garage by the docks. He growled, kicking the man in the head before bolting for the door. As he ran, he hit an emergency button on his phone. He yelled into as he ran toward the garage.

"Emergency. I need a full team on standby asap. No time to explain, just do it."

He closed his phone as he climbed in the car. The ticket was not much of a clue but it was the only one he had right now.

Sexual Re: Bourbon makes it better

Post by George Walker on Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:56 pm

He was snoring and passed out on the couch in his massive office. Clothes strewn about and his own reeked of alcohol. His shirt was disheveled and half out of his pants. Groaning as the ringing continued, he finally reached for his phone and fell from the couch onto the hard floor. Letting out a groan, he grabbed his cell and barked into it, "WHAT?"

"We have the boy. But there was a problem."

He awoke then, rubbing at his eyes as he tried to focus. "What do you mean...problem." He said through gritted teeth.

"It's best in person. Meet you at the allotted time in the agreed upon location. Bring the cash and don't play games. You are being watched." The line went dead and he looked down, trying to figure out how in the hell this got turned on him. He slowly rose to his feet and tucked in his shirt, leaving it looking messy but somewhat better. He ran a hand through his hair and grimaced at the feeling his head had. He glanced at the time and knew he better get a shower in before he saw her again, because this time...it was his rules and his way.

John would pay.

Sexual Re: Bourbon makes it better

Post by Tolvin Richter on Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:08 pm

As Tolvin pulled into the garage, he opened the trunk, unlocking the case inside and smiled grimly. He opened the case, he looked over his choices and decided carefully.

As he loaded up, he kept an eye open for any guards. He did not expect any but this would be hard to explain...

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Sexual Re: Bourbon makes it better

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