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A Delicate Case


Sexual A Delicate Case

Post by Blake Harding on Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:26 pm

Tapping the tip of his pen against his desk, his brows knotted together in deep thought. The Claremont case has passed over his desk for a third time this last month. Having hoped that his client would resolve their case outside of court with a extortionate cash settlement summing over $125,060,00. With that sum of cash his client would be more than comfortable for the rest of her life. But of course she wanted more, and as her attorney he was obligated to act on her behalf.

Sighing, pinching the bridge of his nose he continued to tap his pen against the edge of his desk. Blake was due in court within the hour, a child custody case. This case meant a lot to Blake, a violent thug of a father fighting his ex-wife for custody of their young daughter. With the evidence stacked against him, Blake would win this case. Maria, the young victim of her ex-husband, battered and bruised caring for her young daughter in a safe house that Blake had arranged himself.

Blake had never taken a case such as this to heart, he thought of his own mother and the childhood that he had - perfect. But when he thought of Melanie, the six year old innocent bystander in this case, his heart melted. With sufficient funds he had made it his goal to make sure that her husband never saw their daughter again. Maria Webb could not afford his prices by the hour, so in good spirit he had taken her case for far less than he should have been. He wanted nothing more than to help her, and he would.

Although his father, William Harding, founder of Harding Law disagreed partly with his need to help this woman. But Blake fought his corner, he wanted to help and he would, with or without his father's approval. Blake's tender hearted nature proved to be the best and at many times the worst of him. But he fought through it, the broken family destroyed him. He would win this case, he had to, he had no choice.

A knock at the door broke him from his trace of thought, placing his pen on the desk, a broad smile across his face. "Come in" he called through. The door opened, Lauren, the arresting officer on the Webb case - a witness for prosecution. "Officer Hamilton, what can I do for you?" Blake glanced at his watch "Early, I see, we are not due in court for an hour" he looked on puzzled.

Lauren cleared her throat, "I just wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly Mr Harding" she expressed her deep concern.

Blake knew that this custody case was as close to officer Hamilton as it was to himself and he would do everything possible to make sure that it all went accordingly and that Maria Webb would keep full custody of her daughter, without any involvement of her father. "Well, as smoothly as it can be. Of course we shall expect a fight. But I have complete faith in the justice system that the judge will award in our father, that I do not doubt" he assured the young officer.

"I have been called to that same address over ten times in the last year Mr Harding, to see what I saw....It's something that I will never forget" she ended in a shaken whisper.

Blake himself had only seen the evidence for himself, medical records and police reports etc, but he was fully aware of what had happened. Even though he had not been there to witness it. "I understand, but if we are to win this case, we must leave no stone unturned. It will be brutal, are you prepared for that officer Hamilton?" he quizzed the young officer stood in front of him.

Officer Lauren simply nodded. "He deserves to rot in hell for what he put his wife and child through" she hissed, remembering it all.

"Well, one thing we can both agree on. Now I hate to be rude, but I need to make some final preparations. Just be prepared" he told the young woman.

"Of course" she assured him, and took her leave.

Blake gathered up his paperwork and placed them into his large brown file with several other documents that he had been working on for the last few hours. He was due to meet with Maria before the case to discuss any last details that she needed to know. His phone buzzed, pressing the speaker he cleared his throat "Blake Harding"

"Mr Blake, I have a Mrs Claremont on the phone. Shall I patch her through?" the young woman on the phone chimed, Joyce - his receptionist.

"Joyce, would you kindly tell Mrs Claremont that I shall call her back. I am due in court in the next hour, and please express my apologies" he requested politely.

"Of course Mr Blake" and the speaker went dead.

A Mrs Claremont once again, screaming down the phone. That was all he needed today.

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