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The Verdict


Sexual The Verdict

Post by Blake Harding on Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:25 am

'All rise'

Blake straightened his tie out, after the judge retired to consider her ruling he had found himself hoovering outside the court room waiting to be called back in. Maria stood next to him as he glanced around to see tears prickling in her eyes. 

This was agonizing. He quickly reached down and grabbed her hand giving it a gentle squeeze - 'Don't worry' he mouthed towards her.

"Please take a seat" the judge requested as she settled into her seat.

Unbuttoning his jacket, Blake took his seat next to Maria. The court room went silence.

"I will not deny that this case is very complicated. Mr Webb, you claim to be a man of many talents and quite frankly I do not believe a single one. You're belief's that a woman in today's society belongs in the dark ages, which I find unbelievable" she ended for a brief pause "I shall keep this short and simple Mr Webb. I find you to be an unfit father and not capable of providing you're daughter with the care and protection that she requires. And there for, I award full custody of Melanie Webb to her mother Maria Webb. This is my ruling and judgement" she ended closing the close with her gavel.

The court erupted into applause and Blake jumped to his feet being engulfed by his client Maria Webb. He glanced over to the prosecution with a smirk spread across his face as he watched Clive sulk in his chair. After three long weeks of hard work, it had all come to an end. This was a case that meant everything to Blake, and now it was all falling into place. 

And not to mention, his father was going to be happy. For another reason.

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