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Just A Flight Away


Sexual Just A Flight Away

Post by Blake Harding on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:52 am

Blake ran his fingers through his damp hair, water trickled in intertwining weaves down his toned broad back. Letting out a groan as he glanced at the clock on his bedside desk, it was far too early for him to be up this early. Saturday was meant too be his one day off to relax away from his over-bearing father, but somehow he found himself roped into travelling so early in the morning.

Sliding on a pale blue shirt and his dark blue suit he ran his hand over his face. What was he thinking when he agreed to do this on his day off? But he knew the reason, he was doing a favour to a friend and her boyfriend.

Once ready he grabbed hold of his suitcase, papers and a foam cup filled with coffee. With no other flights back to Chicago until Monday he would be stuck in some motel until then. But at least this way his father could not reach him, he had been told the phone reception was bad where he was going.

Having slept in the airport hotel for a few hours until his flight was due, he was now in the departure lounge. Wanting and wishing to go back to sleep again, he pulled his ticket out off his pocket and handed it to the clerk.

"First Class. Enjoy you're flight to Shreveport Mr Blake"
he grinned and handed the ticket back to him.

"Thanks" Blake smirked through the tiredness and followed the rest of the passengers to the waiting lounge until his flight was called.

Shreveport was a few hours by flight and then a rental vehicle to the small town of Bon Temps. The vampire state of Louisiana.

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