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Willa Burrell

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Sexual Finals..

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:34 pm

She woke excited and a little scared ,finals were here .She showered humming to herself but mentally going over her notes she had done last night ,she has as close to an identic memory a person could get without actually having one .It had always made school easy ,now mixed with the vampire she was near unstoppable .Getting out of the shower she ran over the accounting properties she would need cross tracking her mind with the business side of things she thought her head was going to explode.Drying her slim well muscled pale body off she sat on her bed and took a deep breath …

“Am I ready for this …” She whispers to no one .

Dressing going over her night with finals the where and at what time ,she knew the last two were close in time ,she had four to do in seven hours .The professors will be there over the computer ,it was good of them to take time out of their night for her.They seemed very interested in seeing how she does  .Once she was ready she came down stairs finding the pups ready for their run ,she just had enough time .

Doing a quick perimeter run the pups found three infected barely alive crawling around the outskirts of her property just on the north trail .She quickly put them out of their misery  and buried the remains .They headed back and ran into a forth this one was a little healthier but not by much .The infected seem to be leaving the cities to come and die out in the country .She dispatched the forth with out to much effort then made a quick run herself just to make sure then headed to the house with the pups.After getting the furries settled she left for the University she wanted to be early so she could go over her notes before the finals begin.

Driving into the parking garage of the University she took a deep breath and headed in to her first class for her Business/Accounting finals .

“Good evening Professor Talbert ..” She says to the screen .

“Good evening Miss. Burrell ..have a seat and we will get started ..the first test will be the business side of this exam then we will go to the accounting side ..how does that sound ?”

“That sounds great …Im a little nervous …I hope I do well ..”

“We have no doubt you will do exceptional ….you have three hours to finish this exam …begin ..”

She opened the exam and looked through the pages at first it looked like Chinese to her .All the numbers and letters rolling around on the page ,she closed her eyes and took three deep breaths opened her eyes and the writing was back to normal .She smiled to herself and started to read .The exam took her 50 minutes to complete ,she reread it over several time just to make sure she got all the answers right ..

“Ummm Professor Talbert Im finished with the exam …I have reread it several times and I cant do anything more with it …so Im turning it in ..”

“ Wow that’s a new record for sure …take the exam with you to your next class and exam and at the end you will be turning them into the office ..Thanks so much writing it tonight …”

“No thank you for being available ..”

She headed to her next class and it was the same she finished  well under the allotted time .After her last final she headed to the office to turn them in realizing it took her only half the time it would have taken a human to do them all ,she had the biggest smile on her face when she entered the office …

“Hello Mrs Jacobs how are you this fine night …Im just turning in my exams ..”

“Well hello to you too Miss Burell ….so soon I wasn’t expecting you for another couple of hours …we are all so proud of you here …can I take a peak ..”Reaching for the exams .

“Sure you can I think I did really well …the accounting was harder than I thought it would be but I managed ..So what do you think ?”

“I think you did very well it looks like you did wonderfull..Ill get these sent off right away and we will hear back in a couple of days ..”

“That’s great I cant wait to see my marks …well I better be off …you have a great night ..”

“You too dear ..”

Willa left the university with a smile on her face she jumped into her car and headed for home she was wiped out but it felt good this kind of tired.

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