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Holly Cleary

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Sexual Healing...

Post by Holly Cleary on Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:12 am

Driving to Shreve Port was exciting to Holly today for it was the day she was taking a look at the Moon Goddess Emporium .They were still in the process of talking to the bank and all that but she thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a look .

Memories came flooding back about the year Marnie went crazy, invoked the spirit of Antonia .How crazy it was in the little book store she was thinking of buying .Would it be triggering if she bought it ,she thought .She had to think of those things now ,triggers .She remembered how scared she and Tara were being held against their will by Marnie/Antonia .And what Jesus did for them to be able to break free and the after math of Jesus’ death .Could this be a mistake going into such a place gain .

Pulling up to the store to park she felt anxious and nervous but nothing negative .She saw the realtor was already inside  ,she took a deep breath and got out of her car and headed in ..

“Hello Mrs. Nelson ..Im Holly Cleary we talked on the phone ..”

“Oh yes Mrs Cleary ..so very nice to meet you and glad you could make it out ..”

“Please call me Holly …it was a nice drive out …the store looks good all clean and everything in its place …I remember it being smaller though ..”

“Yes Holly it was smaller the previous owner took over the store next door ..their plans were to add a coffee bar and some seating ..I think it was a great idea but it was unlived …they had a death in the family and have to sell …but there have been no takers ..there is allot of potential in this store for the right person …great location right off the highway …beautiful shopping mall with everything in it so it’s a one stop shopping …”

“Can I ask you Mrs Nelson why do you think no one has scooped this store up …it’s a nice store …the rent is reasonable …and yes a coffee bar is a great idea ..”

“Well I really don’t know …I think it has to do with what happen with the witches and vampires those few of years ago …it has a stain on it I guess …its really to bad it’s a great store ..great location …”

“Do you mind if I walk around abit and get a feel for the place ?”

“No not at all take you time Ill go out and get a coffee ..”

Holly thanked her and started to slowly walk around the store ,she pulled out a crystal rubbing it in her hand while she walked.She talked to the Goddess while she looked around ..

“So what do you think …I feel at home here I thought all the bad feelings would come back up but all I feel is home …dear Goddess give me a sign that this is where I belong ..this place feels warm and inviting …I need a sign that this is the place my life is heading ..it feels right..”

While she was walking around touching walls , counters , book shelves and opening a book here and there she feels love coming from the store .All of a sudden a book slides out from under the book shelf she was standing by .She bends down and picks it up .It was just a book on how to read your candles but she opened the cover and saw that inside was a small notation by Jesus .She read it and was brought to tears ,this was the sign she was looking for .She found the candle section for books and put the book back .She knew that this was the place her life had been heading ,she knew this place was her place to heal .Rubbing her crystal she made a vow to the Goddess that she would buy this little book shop and turn it into a place of healing instead of what it has been known for .

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