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Late for school....

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Late for school....

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:57 am

Willa couldn’t wait to get out of bed tonight was the day her marks came in ,she quickly showered ,dressed and ran a perimeter run with the pups .As she headed to the car she saw dust coming up her driveway ..

“What the hell I don’t have time for any bullshit right now ..”

She stands by her car waiting to see who it is making an appearance uninvited to her home ,she hated uninvited guests.As the car approached she did not recognizes it and that made her uneasy .It was a little yellow sports car coming in fast ,it slammed on its breaks spraying gravel everywhere .Coming out of the car shaded by the dark is a huge figure .Willa realizes that she had no weapons on her ,they were in the car  or in the house 50 yards away ..

“Who goes there …what brings you out all this way…. this is private property …I subject you get back in your car and drive away …”

She gets no answer but a grunt as the figure falls to the ground .She looks at the fallen figure and something seems familiar to it .She walks up to it on ever high alert ,taking her pen flash light she shines it on the bloodied face of …Vex?Could this be her old friend Vex ?His face was all brused,swollen  and bloody she could barley make out his facial features but yes it was Vex her old trainer and friend . needed to open a vain for him to drink but couldn’t  let him drink directly from her she needed a glass or something .She speeds into the house and gets a cup she bleeds into the it and hold it up to his lips .Pours it into his mouth until he drinks ,she refills the cup and hold it up to his mouth again he eagerly drinks this time and his bruises began to heal as well as his deep wounds on his face and arms .She sits him up against the yellow car and tries to talk to him …

“Vex…its Willa …what happened to you …Vex ….can you talk …or at least get up so I can take you in the house ...Vex …can you hear me ?”

He looked at her through blurry blood shot eyes and hugged her holding her tight …

“I hoped I would make it to you …I have been traveling for days …I managed to escape them before ….before …”  And he breaks down sobbing …

“Come on can you stand …lets get you in the house ….”  She helps him up almost picking him up and carries, drags him into the house.

The pups go crazy barking and growling until Willa commands them to be quiet ,they go lay on their beds ever watchful of this new company who smalls of blood .She helps Vex to the couch and gets some water for him …

“Tell me what happened …you look like you have been through a war  ..”

“Well …once I left you I went back to my commander when the infected started to take over and got back with a unit …we fought the infected all over the US for months and we were winning until we got caught in a trap they laid in New Orleans ..they captured several of my unit ..and I was apart of a retrieval  operation which worked until one of our own turned on us and I got captured …That was 2 months ago and have been a feed bag ever since …I managed to escape 3 days ago and have been running ever since …Im so glad I finally found you …”  He started sobbing again totally broken in mind and body .

“Oh Vex Im so sorry but why come to me ..why not your commander …not that Im not happy to see you…. I thought you dead …”

“My unit..commander ..everything is gone …I have no where to go now …the Army think me dead too…I really didn’t know where else to go …is it ok that Im here …if there is a problem I can go now that Im healed …”

“No …I just have …well …I have school tonight….Im in University now trying to you know better myself and help the non infected Vampire …Im sure you don’t want to hear about any vampire stuff right now …Look Im late as it is and I really have to go in tonight …If I leave you here by yourself are you going to be ok …The pups are very good guard dogs …and there is some food in the kitchen from my last human vistors …please stay I wont be long I promise …there is guest bedroom at the top of the stairs and a shower make yourself at home …Ill be back in a couple of hours ..”

“Are you sure …I could use some Rand R …whats the pups names …”

“They were Taras ..they are Daisy and Torque …come on guys meat Vex …”

The pups come up and sniff him all over and decide that he was ok and wag their tails and lick his hands .Willa shows Vex where everything is and then heads back out the door to her car .She looks around ,listens for any other movement and decides that its ok for her to leave .She gets in her car and heads to the University ,she is about an hour late so she floors the pedal and fly’s off to school leaving nothing but dust in at her back .

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