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Trying to help a friend

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Trying to help a friend

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:28 pm

Studying for her new course load was remarkably easier this time around .She had become accustom to the hours it took her to read ,take notes and type everything in her tablet .Her new guest was taking up some of her time but she was determined to not let him take up to much of it .Her marks in her last courses were sky high the best they had ever seen and done in such a short time the university was please so much so they decided to push the promotion of the Vampire side of the University up a month .She was excited about that but also a little apprehensive she didn’t want anything to steer her away from her schooling .

Vex was in the living room with the TV on playing I,Frankinstine eating tacos and drinking a beer .He was healing physically  from his ordeal but had a long way to go emotionally  .She heard him sob in his room every night mixed with the screaming night terrors his mind must be tortured she thought looking at him from the kitchen . He came to her that night beaten and broken almost dead by the look of him on the outside just what was going on in the inside .Being held for months tortured , fed on, barely kept alive what did that do to him .She was worried about her friend but did she have the time to give that he needed for recovery ?Was she being selfish for thinking about her schooling before her friend? Should she find somewhere else for him so he could get the help he so needed ? All these questions and more floated in her head while watching Vex until his gaze met hers …

“You’ve been watching me for while ..whats on your mind Willa ?” He asked in a soft voice .

“Oh really …Sorry …Its just …well….How are you doing …your healing well on the outside …cuts and bruises are almost gone  …”She gets up and heads into the living room.

“Im feeling ok just abit stiff …if Ive over stayed my welcome …I..I understand ..you been hittin the books pretty hard the last little while ..”

“ No I didn’t mean that …you can stay as long as you like …I was just wondering if this is the best place for you mentally …you need help there …the night terrors are bad …you need help with those …don’t you think …and the depression …the sadness ….I don’t think you can go on much longer like this …and I don’t know how to help you …I think your PTSD in a bad way …”

“Willa ….I know what your saying but I really think I just need a safe place to stay and heal …being here with you has help more then you know …I feel better than I did just days ago   ..and I think the pups are helping me as well …they seem to know when Im spiraling out of control and they ground me …Give me a couple of weeks and if Im not even the tiniest bit better Ill go check myself in to where ever you think is best ..”

“Im going to leave it up to you I don’t want you to feel that you have a time frame to heal …if you feel that you are doing better and don’t need to go then that’s wonderful but I will let you know how I see you and we will talk about it …Im glad that the pups are helping you …I have read that there are service dogs that help with PTSD maybe we should look into that for you down the road…I just want to make sure you are getting everything you need to get better …”

“I know Willa you are a good friend …I think Im going to go take a nap for abit ..see you when you get back from school ..”

Willa watched him walk up the stairs ,he looked like an eighty year old man .She hoped their talk tonight opened a door of communication for them to be able to talk about his emotional issues. Untreated Vex could not only do damage to himself but to others as well and Willa didn’t want that possibility on her hands .She returned to the kitchen and gathered up all her books ,papers and tablet stuffed them into her bag took her purse off the shelf and headed out the door to school wondering if keeping Vex at her home was the right thing ,hoping against hope it was the right thing.

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