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Getting closer

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Getting closer

Post by Holly Cleary on Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:13 am

Today was like every other day for Holly .Wake up in a cold  sweat ,take a quick shower so Andy doesn’t find out she was still have nightmares.Be the first to go downstairs to have some quiet time to herself before all the racket of everyone getting ready for the day .She went to make coffee like every morning ,went to get the papers and headed into the house almost running into Wade half naked running to his bed room ….

“Wade what the hell?”

But only got a slammed door in response ,she shook her head and headed into the kitchen to get her coffee then into the sitting room to sit in the morning sunlight to read the paper.She knew what she was looking for ,she opened the paper to the classifieds and found it .The ad for the Moon Goddess Emporium it looked like the bank had foreclosed on the owner and now has put the Emporium up as a foreclosure and they were asking another 50,000.00 less than the owner was asking  .This was her time to go and snatch it up ,she was so excited .

With all her ducks in a row with their bank all she had to do was call and make an appointment with the new overseer of the property a Mr Johnson .She reached for the phone and dialed the number to leave a message ..

“Hello Mr.Johnson…this is Holly Cleary ..Im very interested in the property The Moon Goddess Emporium Book Store …I would like to come and see it and possible make an offer ..please call me back at 567-555-6893 its my cell so call any time …thank you ..”

She hung up the phone and relaxed into the couch and closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to be a book store owner .She would wake every morning with a smile on her face and bounce into the shower ,put on nice clothes for a change ,ones that mattered if you got food on them,and have her coffee with the rest of the family .She would get in her car and drive to Shreve Port singing to the tunes with a smile .Then open her store , greet her customers ,get coffee for them and in the end  clean her store for the next day .She knew it was going to be hard work but she never shied away from hard work and it will be for her store, she will be working for her not anyone else thats what made the difference .She must have nodded off while day dreaming because the next thing she knew she heard voices in the kitchen Arlene and Andy talking …

“Well she thinks she is getting away with it but I know she is still having them …what do I do ?”

“Well.. Andy there is really nothing you can do until she wants to talk about them ..she is still seeing her counselor every week and that’s really all we can do until she wants to let us in ..”

Holly had to stop this kind of talk she didn’t want them worrying about her so she got up and headed into the kitchen …

“Hey y’all I got some great news …they have foreclosed on the book store and they want 50,000.00 less than the owner wanted  …so I put in a phone call to the guy who is looking after it now and Im going to take another look and make an offer today..”

“Oh honey that wonderful ..I wish I could go with you but I have to open the bar we are expecting a big lunch crowd with the Lions club meeting today ..I was hoping you were going to be able to come into work early today ..”

“Oh Im sure I can do both …Ill hopefully make the appointment for this morning and be done by lunch …Ill keep you posted ..”

“Holly do you need me to come with you ..I can call Jason and have him cover me for while …you might need my signature on those papers ..”

“Umm ..no I don’t think Ill be signing anything today ..Im mainly going to take another look and give a bid …if I need you Ill call you ..ok hon ?”

“Yeah that sounds good ..ok then I got to go ..”He kisses Holly as he leaves .

“I wish you could come with me Arlene …this is all abit weird for me being able to have my own business..”

“Oh believe me it was very weird for me too …but we have been through so much over the years we deserve to have things go right for us for a change  ..dont ya think..”

“Oh yes I believe in my heart that good things do come to good people but its hard to believe they would happen to me after all the shit ..ya know …and yes I can see it in your face …before you go there Im still having nightmares but Im working through them in therapy ..I just haven’t said anything because Andy worries so much …and hes such a good man he doesn’t need to be worried about what goes on in my head when I sleep …don’t look at me like that Arlene …Im looking after it I promise and if it gets to be to much Ill talk I swear ..”

Hollys cell rings just at the right moment …

“Hello …yes this is Holly ….yes I would love to come take a look today ….In an hour that would be fine …yes I know the address ..Ill see you then …thank you goodbye ..”

“Well it looks like I can go in an hour …what do you say …call Lafayette and have him open for you and come …Please pretty please …” Giving Arlene the sad puppy dog eyes as best she could .

“Oh ok ..I would love to come and really we should be back by 10 or 11 the latest and Lafayette can take care of things for me …ok lets get ready …”

They finished their coffee Arlene called Lafayette and made the arrangements for the morning .They got in Holly’s car and headed for Shreve Port and Hollys future .

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