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The Interview

Willa Burrell

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Sexual The Interview

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:01 pm

“Vex do you know where I left my other pair of shoes ..” She yelled downstairs ..

He looked around the living room which looked like a bomb went off of shoes and dresses ….

“What color and type were they you have so many down here I don’t know what in the hell the last ones you tried on were…you looked great in whatever you wore the last time you came down ..”He looked at his watch and this had been going on for 2 hours now .

“They were the periwinkle blue ones with the little diamonds on the back making a flower pattern on them …I need those shoes Vex …please can you find them …”

Rushing around upstairs trying on yet another dress.This was a beautiful cream with blue flowers winding their way through to make a spectacular pattern .She had her hair up with a periwinkle hair clip with strands falling around her face …

“Found them ..how can you even walk in these things they have to be 4 inches high…Ill toss them up …ready ..?”

“Ok Send them up but be careful those are real diamonds …”

He tossed up the shoes and she puts them on to complete the look.She stands in the mirror  ,she likes what she sees more than what she had tried on before but something was missing …

“Ok Im coming down I think this is the one ..but it missing something a necklace maybe …Ill look for one ..”

“You don’t have the time your due there in an hour ..come down here and let me have a look ..”

“Ok but please tell me this is the one ..Im tired of changing …”

She comes down the stairs and stands at the bottom for Vex to look her over and he declared her beautiful …

“But your right you are missing something and he pulled out a small delicate gold necklace with a tear drop diamond ..this will go perfect with your earrings …do you want me to go with you ?”

“Would you …Oh please Vex …Im so nervous ..”

“Of Course I will …let me get changed ..”

In a matter of minutes he was in a grey suit with a cream colored shirt and a blue tie ,trying very hard to match Willas dress ,he did a great job .He took her wrap and put it around her shoulders and they walked out to her car .He opened the door for her and she got in ,he quickly went around to the driver’s side and off they went .

As they drove to KMZ Shreve Ports major TV station Willa was getting more and more nervous .The Dean of the school will be meeting them there and will be in the interview with her the whole time but just being under the lime light had every nerve in her body tingling. They had been preparing for this for the last while and in rehearsing she felt great .But now knowing that its live TV she was a mess .She was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to answer their questions properly .When you got right down to she thought she was going to look like a joke ,Vampire University is it a joke ?

They arrived with time to spare ,Vex opened her car door and she gingerly stepped out .She looked at him almost brimming with tears …

“I cant do this …its to much …” She whispered to him .

“Oh yes you can ..now put on your big girl pants and be the vampire you are meant to be …you got this ..” He puts a hand on her back and gives her a little push ahead of him .

Willa walks with her head held high into the station where she meets up with the Dean …

“Ahhh.. Miss Burrell you are finally here and might I say you look wonderful ..”

“Oh …thank you …this is my friend Vex …Vex this is the Dean of my school ….Mr.”

“Excuse me Miss Burrell but we must be going …your friend can come with us if he likes and can watch from the green room …but we must head there now they are waiting for us …”

“Oh yes of course …” hurrying along after the Dean waving for Vex to follow her .

They get to the green room to wait for the host to meet them and let them know the order things will be done  in and who will go out first .A knock comes to the door and enters Erica of Good Evening Shreve Port …

“There you guys are …Im Erica how are y’all doing …you look fabulous Miss Burrell …What Ill do s lll have both of you come out together instead of one at a time that way we can get the whole package all at once …how does the sound  …this is great I cant wait …very exciting news this is for human and vampire alike …so its going to be in about 5 minutes you will be called and someone will come and get you …you follow him out to the stage and wait for the intro and the come out …walk across the stage and take a seat Miss Burrell you first then the Dean right after her …how does that sound ?”

Taking a deep breath trying to calm her nerves..

“Yes that sound easy …”

“Ok Ill see you out there and its not as scary as you might think ..I promise..”

The wait seemed like hours but once called everything seemed to move at lightening speed ,all at once she was in her chair on stage looking at a room filled with a human and vampire audience waiting to hear what she had to say about being in University  .

First Erica talked about the University itself,its history,its studies ,what it has to offer ,on and on .Then she got to the new plans for adding class schedules for vampires who wanted to learn and teaching positions for vampires who wanted to teach.She and the Dean talked about the new additions being made for daylight hours for vampires who need it and overseas students.Then it was finally Willas turn Erica asked her questions about life style ,how she fit in school , how she liked school , how she thought other vampires would like it ,what Willa thought this would do for the vampire community .

One right after the other the questions came draining Willa to the point she almost needed a break the stress was so much .But no one seemed to notice they laughed in the right places ,seemed interested in what she had to say and over all going by the audience she was doing very well ,so why did she feel like she was going to puke.She looked up at the clock and noticed the hour was almost up ,she relaxed abit and answered her last couple of questions and then she was done .Erica fired a couple more to the dean and then closed the segment with a witty comment and the cameras faded out .

Willa got up but had to sit right back down her legs were not really there yet  ,she tried again and they worked this time .The technician guys came and took all the microphones off everyone and Erica came over to Willa…

“You were wonderful …interviewing you was a pleasure …good luck in the future your going to make a great lawyer…” She shook Willas hand then went over to the Dean .

Willa headed to the green room where Vex was waiting  ,he got up off the chair he was sitting on and gave her a standing ovation .She bowed and laughed …

“Do you really think I was good … I thought I was going to puke up there ..I hope I didn’t make myself look foolish …”

“No you did great …are you ready to get out of here”

“Yes ..Im ready to go home Ill just say goodnight to the Dean ..”

“Ok Ill wait in the car ..”

“Ill be right there …”

She found the Dean and said her goodnights ,then headed out to the car .This was a night to remember. She had never been so nervous except on the night she was made and both turned out ok .Willa thought to herself that she better get use to these interviews since this one turned out so well no doubt the University will want to be doing more .God help her …

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