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I got it

Holly Cleary

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Sexual I got it

Post by Holly Cleary on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:23 pm

She had been waiting days for an answer from the bank ,it was driving her crazy.She couldn’t sleep ,which was a blessing, she couldn’t eat the only thing that took her mind off the bank was working at the bar which she did ,double shifts if Arlene would let her . At home all she did was pace the rooms while Andy tried to calm her down ...

“Hon they will call no doubt about it ..they want to be rid of that store as much as you want it believe me ..”Drinking coffee one morning .

“Andy its been days ..well not days and days but its been long enough for them to consider my offer ...I should have offered more ...I should have just given what they were askin ...Oh Goddess did I just screw this whole thing up ...”

“Holly don’t you worry ...they will call now sit down and drink your coffee and you need to eat something as well ...and no more working doubles ...you need to get some sleep ...I know you haven’t been and Im putting my foot down ..”

“Andy you cant tell me when to work ...it helps me relax ...I know I need to eat more ...please don’t worry ..Ill eat now just to make you happy hon..I just cant help but freak out ..it just drivin me nuts Im calling after I eat ...no more of this wondering bullshit ...”

Holly heads into the kitchen to make some eggs and toast when she hears her cell phone ring .She runs to her phone which was out in the living room ,Andy was in mid drink staring at her purse where her phone was .She digs her phone out of her purse and answers it ...

“Hello this is Holly ...Yes this is Holly Cleary ...Oh yes how are you ...Im fine ...yes ...ok ...Yes I can be there in an hour ...Im sure he can come as well ...oh thats wonderful ...we will both be there ...oh thank you so much ...yes Ill bring them ...is there anything else I should bring ...ok...Ill do that ...Ok we will see you then ..yes thank you ..Bye..”

She turned to Andy with the biggest smile on her face ...

“Ok ...we got it and have to be at the bank in Shreve Port in an hour ...so can you get Jason to cover for you for a couple of hours this morning ? I cant believe it !!! So Ill run upstairs and get changed ...go call Jason we have to leave right away if we want to make it there on time ...I need a quick shower ..Ill be down in 20 ..”

Holly ran upstairs jumpes in the shower ,has the fastest shower she ever had in her life dries herself off and dresses ,she was down the stairs in 15 ready to go . Andy called Jason and was waiting in the sitting room for Holly ,once she came down they were in the car in a flash heading to Shreve Port ...

“Hurry up hon or were going to be late ...I cant be late for this ...Im so excited ...arent you excited ...Im so excited ...this is going to be wonderful ...dont ya think Andy ...oh I cant wait ...”

Andy tried to talk back to her but couldn’t get a word in edge wise she was chattering so much .The whole way to Shreve Port Holly was talking none stop about the store and all Andy had to do was grunt or nod ,it was the best conversation he had ever had .They reached the bank with ten minutes to spare ,Holly almost jumped out of the car before Andy could it in park and headed into the bank with Andy trotting after her .

They were called into an office, they walked in sat down and thirty minutes later walked out keys in hand new business owners.They headed to the car and Holly had to stop for a moment ,she looked at Andy with a not so healthy look on her face ...

“Oh I don’t feel so well ...”Putting her hand on her stomach .

“Whats wrong gonna puke ?” He said with a slight smile on his face .

“Its not funny Andy ...I think Im really gonna be sick ..”

“Well you better sit down ..”He looked around for a bench but there was none so he unlocked the car and lead her to the passenger seat .

“Oh my I really don’t feel well ..”As she sat down in the car ,she took a couple deep breaths .

“Well come on maybe the drive home will help ..”

He pulled out of the bank and headed not home but to the book store .Holly closed her eyes for the drive home concentrating on not puking .When she felt the car make a couple turns and then stopped.She though she must have fallen asleep  to be home already so she opened her eyes and saw the sign for the book store ...

“Hey you ...I thought we were going home ...”Rubbing her eyes.

“Well I thought since we were here we might as well take a look ...unless you’re still feeling to bad ?” Looking over at her .

“No ...I mean yes I want to go in ...come on ...I want to show you everything ...I cant believe this is all mine..I mean ours ...come on lets take a look ..” Getting out of the car .

They walked up to the store and she put the key into the lock and turned it ,she heard the click and smiled at Andy .He pulled open the door for her and followed her in .It smelled of old books and little musty to Andy but to Holly it smelled of life ,home and future.She breathed in deeply then looked at Andy ...

“Dont you just love it ...its so calming ...I don’t think we will have to do much in renos ...just with the coffee side ...just over there ...they started it but never finished...come on Ill show you around ..”

She took Andys hand and took him around pointing out every little thing so he wouldn’t miss anything about the store .Once they went around the store Andy looked at his watch ...

“Hon I got to be getting back ...do you want to stay or I could take you home and you can drive back later ?”

“Yes that would be great I would like to come back later today and get started on going through everything and cataloging the inventory ..it should be fun ..I cant wait ..”

They left their new book store and headed home ,Holly so proud and excited yet still a little bit sick .She hoped it was just nerves about really being a business owner and not her true feelings about the store...

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