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The first day in the new shop

Holly Cleary

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Sexual The first day in the new shop

Post by Holly Cleary on Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:59 am

Holly didnt make it back into her store the night of purchase ,she had to cover Sookie at the bar .She was itchy all night couldn’t keep her mind on her work and making mistake after mistake …

“I know you don’t want to be here but damn it Holly you have to get it together …”Arlene said in the nicest way possible .

“I know honey.. Im sorry… Ill get it together ..Its just I keep thinking about what I need to do tomorrow and then I just forget about everything else …no worries Ill get my shit together ..”Holly gave Arlene a hug and headed out to the tables.

The rest of the night went well Holly got her mind on her job and put tomorrow in a box then put it on a shelf so she could get through the night .At close she said her good nights and headed home .Once home she took out her box and let the thoughts fly ,she got a note book she bought just for this reason and started writing down everything she thought she  would need , a lap top ,more note books ,log books and it went on until her hand cramped up and she was ready for bed.

As she crept into bed so not to wake up Andy,  she lay there wondering how her first day as a business owner would go ,she fell asleep with a smile on her face .

The morning brought her sunshine ,birds singing and a happily humming fiancé in the shower.She must have over slept ,she hasn’t done that since her abduction .Holly smiled and stretched her arms out to her sides then sprang out of bed .Today was the first day of her new shop and she didnt want to dilly dally around the house .She went to her closet and picked clothes that were easy to clean in because she was going to go through the store with a fine tooth comb before opening .She was looking forward to going through all the old books and cataloging them ,she couldn’t wait to see what kind of magic there was hidden in the store.

Meeting Andy in the kitchen for coffee before she left ,she quickly remembered that she had to take her Grimoire with her. She ran upstairs to her and Andys bed room and under their bed is where she keeps her book of magic.She took out the leather box it was in and brought it back to the sitting room to where the rest of her files and notes books were.Andy came up behind her …

“Whats that ?”

She jumped about half a foot and turned around with the box in her arms …

“Geezzz Andy scare me half to death....this is my Grimoire ..my book of spells and stuff …every wiccan has one …do you want to see ?”

“Aaa…I don’t know ..you know me Holly I m not really into all that witchie stuff …but if you want to show me …Illl take a look …I guess..”

“No that’s ok Andy …its kinda private anyways …don’t worry hon its nothing bad …just healing spells and stuff like that …”

She put her box down and they went back into the kitchen to finish their coffee.There was polite conversation about this and that but Holly couldn’t get out of there fast enough .She kisses Andy as soon as she was done with her coffee gulping down the last of it as she put her cup into the sink and heads out the door almost loosing her papers as she exits. In her car she tries not to speed but her foot has a mind of its own and she makes it in record time .Sliding to a stop right in front of the store after doing her shopping she takes her bags ,puts the key in the locks and walks in …

“Im here …” She shouts with a laugh almost dumping everything in her arms.

The shop says nothing in return but the feeling she got was one of warmth and welcoming .Putting her load of bags ,boxes and books on the counter she turns on all the lights walking around the store.The first thing before anything else , she wanted to bless the store .She got out her book of light ,white sage and candles and went to the center of the store .She drew a pentagram on the floor and put the candles at each point lite them and the sage and said …

“Goddess and God bless this store, Keep it free from bug or mouse.

For good or bad, dark or light, Those unwelcome will feel thy might.

Protect me as I do thy will, here you are master for good or ill

Goddess and God hear my prayer ..So it be ..”

She went around the store in each corner and said the same thing over and over until the whole store was blessed .After she placed the candles around the store to keep the protection ,put out the sage and cleaned up the pentagram .She then put her Grimoire back in the box with the sage ,in her office, in the desk and started to get organized. She decided to start at one in of the shop and not stop until she reached the other .She looked around deciding to start with the herbs,powders,crystals,charms,tokens and the such because they were the worst looking things on the shelves .She went into the store room and took out a cart and started organizing and inventorying all the little viles and bottles .

Hours went by when she heard and knock at the door ,she looked up and it was dark out and Andy was at the door …

“Oh my Goddess ..what are you doing here and what the hell time is it ?” She asks while walking to the door .

“I cant hear you Holly ….”He responds while waiting for her to open the door .

“Sorry …what time is it …its all dark and shit out here ..”

“Well you never showed up for supper so I thought I better come and check on ya …I brought you something to eat ..” He held up a bag of chicken .

“Well my word ..I was way to involved in my work I didn’t even noticed …Im sorry y’all had to come on out here …but I am sure hungry now that you brought me something …thanks hon …so what do you think ..Ive been working all day ..”

He looked around and it looked like a bomb went off in the store .There were bottles and small viles of stuff everywhere …

“I hope you have an order to all this ..” Chuckling while he looks around .

“Of course I do smart ass …I am going to need some help moving these shelves around though …feeling strong tonight …?”

“Aaahh..Holly tonight ..I was hoping that we would go home soon ..”

“We will just as soon as we move those shelves …come one it wont take you but a few minutes…”

“Oh …ok ….where do you want them …?”

“That one over there by that book shelf and this one near that one over there …”Eating her chicken loving watching Andy work.

“Holly these things are heavy as hell ..”Grunting as he moves the shelves.

“That looks great …yeah and the other just a little further ..yeah right there …Im going to put the books that coincide with the herbs ,token,crystal or whatever instead of having all the books in one place ..Im going to try having them all around the store … so say if they are a candle books all have a nice candle display by them …what do you think ..?”

“Sounds great ..does that mean more shelf moving ?”Looking at her with a crocked smile on his face and a chuckle under his breath .

“Yes ..that means more moving you ass …”She smiles back at him .

She finishes her supper putting her garbage away ,she takes one last look around at her organized mess and says to Andy …

“Well hon I guess I cant do any more damage tonight …we might as well go home ..you gonna follow me out ?”

“Might as well ..I don’t have any more work tonight …”

Andy heads out while Holly turns off the lights and takes a last look before going out the door .She still cant believe this is all hers ,as she turns the lock in the door she looks up and catches a glimpse of a shadow passing across the store .It made her heart stop for a second and the hairs raise on the back of her neck before she realized it was just the play of the lights of a car in the parking lot …

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