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Work ..Work ...Work

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Work ..Work ...Work

Post by Holly Cleary on Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:40 am

Again she woke up late with no night sweats ,no nightmares .She was so thankful she didn’t question why ,she only knew it felt wonderful .She got out of bed and joined Andy in the shower which she hadn’t done since the abduction .They hadn’t made love or even touched each other due to her ordeal with the infected but for some reason she was feeling great and she wanted to share that feeling with Andy.

After they were out of the shower both with smiles and feeling like teenagers they got dressed then headed downstairs for breakfast .Entering the kitchen Arlene, the kids , Wade and Adelyn were all there looking at them with strange smiles on their faces then they all started laughing ...

“Umm the next time y’all want a little nookie in the shower maybe you should close the door ...” Arlene said laughing .

Andy and Holly looked at each other then shrugged ,smiled and got their coffee.Everyone was in such a great mood, Holly couldn’t get her smile off her face .They chatted until everyone moved off to their places for the day ,the kids to school and Arlene to the bar .

Holly planned out what the day would bring ,she was excited for it .She loved her store every nook and cranny of it ,she hoped it would bring other people as much joy as it was bringing her .Just the organizing of it had her uplifted and in a better place .Since the abduction she had been in such a dark place feeling drained and powerless .But since she signed the papers for the store she has felt happier ,filled with light ,filled with hope.

Saying her goodbyes she headed out of the house and into her car .Driving to Shreveport  everyday gave her time to go over what she wanted to accomplish ,hopefully having enough time to get it done.But time didn’t seem to matter in the little book store .It always seemed to get away from her when she was there ,she seemed to just start the day then it was done.

Parking in front she noticed a slim girl looking in the window ,she got out and asked her if she could help ...

“Hello can I help you ?”

“I don’t know ...is this the store that Marnie use to own ?”The girl asked.

“Yes it is ..Im Holly ..I own the store now ...what can I do for you ?”

“ Im Robin ...I am or was Marnie’s niece ...I just moved to Shreveport and wanted to see the store ...is it open ?” She asks sheepishly .

“Ummm...no I just bought it and Im doing some organising and such ...the grand reopening will be on Jan 1st if you want to come back ...” Holly said to her as she unlocks the door .

“Oh ..thats great Ill be back for that ...do you know if youll be hiring ...Im looking for a job ..” She looks at Holly hopefully .

“Well not for a little while but bring in your resume and Ill have a look ...But I really need to get to work so Ill see you on the 1st ..you have a great day hon...”

Holly opened the door and got the scent of vanilla with walnut from the candles she had placed around the shop .It was a comforting smell,as she went around and turned on all the lights she got the feeling of warmth ,calm and serenity .She looked over her organized mess and giggled to herself ,she had allot of work to do .

Placing the viles ,bottles and containers of spices ,plants and herbals ,she cataloged them all finding she had some very powerful components sitting on her shelves .She then went over to the book section finding the correlating subjects then back to the little bottles  building a display around the shelving ,making sure she knew every ounce of what she was selling . She loved building the displays not only was it fun but it increased her knowledge .She continued this for the stones,crystals and metals then the candles and tokens until she had  four beautiful displays around the store .

That left the book shelves looking abit haggard looking so she took herself back over there .She took every book off the shelf and went through them ,organized ,categorized them and re shelved them in proper order  .In the back room were several boxes of what she thought had to be more books so she took her cart and started loading up boxes from the back .Box after box had books from Egypt ,old beautiful crafted books with spells and rituals in them and they had been there for years it looked like  .She put them in a separate section on the shelves after making sure she very carefully categorized them ,this was very exciting for her .The next few boxes were from England ,they looked to be history of witchcraft  .And the last  two were tokens, charms ,crystals , metals and a small jewel box ,which she went through with a fine tooth comb and found that the only thing not on the shipping receipt was the jewel box .Once she was done putting out all the books her shelves were full again and it looked wonderful .

She set out as much of the new tokens and charms as she could but had no room for the little jewel box so she took it with the rest of the contents of the last box and put it in the storage room .Coming back out to the store front she caught her breath in her throat ,the store looked almost ready to open she had done so much work in such a short time she couldn’t believe it .Next on her list was to get someone in here to finish off the renos for the coffee shop .She took out the yellow pages and looked through them ,finding what she was searching for she called ...

“Hello ...Im Holly Cleary ..I just bought the Moon Goddess Emporium Book Store on 54th and Im looking for someone to do some finishing touches on the store and ready it for a little coffee shop ..yes Ill be here all day tomorrow ...that would be great ...Ill see him tomorrow then ...thank you ..”

She hung up the phone and looked around the store ...

“Whats next ...your coming together nicely my little store ...”

She went into the back store room again and there was another small box she must have over looked ,she opened it .And there was an companion book for all the charms , crystals and tokens that were sent as well as a sort of instruction manual for all the Egyptian books .She was abit relieved because she felt over her head when it came to alot of this stuff  .Even though she had been a practicing Wiccan for many years she was not an extremely powerful witch .

While flipping through the companion book she realized that she had not had her alter since the fire at Arlenes at Sams rentals. So she decided that is what she needed to do next and she had everything to build a very nice one right here.Looking around the back if the store she knew where Marnie had hers and she didn’t want to place hers anywhere near there so she picked a corner of her office instead of the back room .

Taking a small table and placing it near her desk ,she goes out front and finds the perfect cloth to cover the table with ,she picked a deep satin purple for wisdom.She then goes and picks out her candles ,stones,crystals,cauldron,censer,athame for cutting ,crystal ball , tarot cards and the list went on .Once back in her office she set everything on her desk and started to mauve her tools around her alter until she was satisfied everything was in its place then she said a protection spell over her alter ...

 "By the dragons light,
on this December night,
I call to thee to give me your might,
by the power of three,
I conjure thee,
to protect all that,
Surrounds me,
So mote it be,
So mote it be!!!

A blanket of peace came over her that she hasn’t felt in a long time ,she closed her eyes and took it all in .She was extremely happy she had a beautiful place to prey again .After looking at her watch she decided that she better head home or Andy will be coming all the way out here looking for her again .

She starts to lock up by making sure all the candles are out then all the lights then heads for the office and store room to grab her purse and make sure everything is out  .Leaving the store room  she hears something fall over ,she turns her head and it was the little jewel box .She goes to pick it up absent mindedly carries out to her office  and sets it on her alter and turns the lights off  .Heading to the door she takes one look back smiling ,still finding it hard to believe that this is her store .

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