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Ready for a party..

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Ready for a party..

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:36 am

An explosion of dresses had hit Willas room with accessories splattered all over the dressers and nightstands …

“Ok Im coming down again …What do you think about this one ?”

“Havent we been through this before …Im feeling a de javue coming on hard ..didnt we just do this a few weeks ago ?”

“Yes but that was for TV this is for a party two totally different things …Im so excited I haven’t been to a New Years eve party before …my father always frowned on them unless they had to do with his promotion for political reasons …This is going to be some fun huh…Im sure Arlene will put on a great one …so what do you this of this one ?”

“It looks just as good as the other 5 you tried on I really liked the dark brown suede you had on first it looked the best on you …brought out the brown in your eyes …with the black and brown shoes and the leather jacket to match …go back and try that and let me see…”

Vex had been ready for hours waiting on Willa thank god he had some wine and munchies with him or he would be getting very uncomfortable about now .Willa was up stairs wiggling into the brown suede dress  ,it fit her great but it was a bitch to get into .Once she had the dress on she put her shoes on,some deep brown glass earrings and a necklace to match then headed down stairs with the jacket on her arm …

“So what do you think ..”

“Perfection …you look amazing and the jewelry is an excellent touch …so can we go now ..Im starving ..”

“Oh Im so sorry Vex …yes we can go now ..I think Im ready ..I just need to change purses …don’t worry I have it right here ..”

Throwing everything from one purse into another took about 30 seconds ,she gave the pups bones and Miss Meow a treat and out the door they went .She gave Vex the keys then they got into her car and sped off to Bellefleurs for a night of fun..

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