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Happy New Years

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Happy New Years

Post by Holly Cleary on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:03 am

“Holly can you go in the kitchen and ask Lafayette to make sure we have enough appetizers …remember they are all on special tonight ..” Arlene said with a panicked voiced .

“Don’t worry Arlene this party is going to go off without a hitch …people are already coming in …and the fireworks are just going to be down the street at the lake.. so the people are going to be coming here before and after so there is no need to worry ..Id be more worried about to many people..” Holly said with a grin and swatted Arlenes butt with her table towel.

“Oh that’s just great and you have just given me something else to worry about …What time do you have ..look at me Im a mess ..Im going to go in back and freshen up are you ok to watch these tables ?” Arlene needed to go in the back and get a handle on herself ,she was a mess inside and out .

“Sure hon take as much time as you need ..I can handle this crowd ..”Holly waved her to the back and started to move around the room checking on the tables .

It was still early on New Years Eve and Holly was hoping Jess and Sookie were going to show and help out tonight .It was a big night for Arlene ,her first big party since the disaster of the other one that ended in blood and gore. Holly wanted this party to mark Bellefleurs as the place to be to over shadow what happened last time .Even though most of the infected have died off or have been killed there are still a few hangers on so there is vampire security just to be safe.Keith has taken all precautions in that department knowing how much this party means to Arlene .

Holly feels great tonight even the most demanding customer cant seem to break the spell of good feelings she has .Actually ever since she bought the little book store she had been feeling really good .No more nightmares ,great nights sleeps, great sex with her man and the store was coming together extremely well .With the opening being tomorrow she should be pulling her hair out but she was strangely calm and confident that the store opening would go well ,she had no worries .

With more customers coming in she didn’t even have time to think about her store and that was ok somehow she knew everything would go well tomorrow .As she was seating another table she heard a crash in the back she excused herself from the customers and hurried to the back.There was Arlene sitting on the floor in a pile of broken dishes …

“Fuck me royal …I cant believe I just did that …help me up …”Holding out her hands to Holly .

“What happened hon did you trip or something ..?” Picking Arlene off the floor .

“No just trying to carry to many dishes at once and they just came sliding off and I tried to catch them and fell …Im fine ..but my dishes aren’t …its ok Ill clean it up …just look after everyone  for me …god I cant believe my luck …” Arlene stomps off to get a broom ,dust pan and garbage to clean up the mess .

Holly heads back out to the front and starts taking orders from the new customers ,bringing food out to the others and making bills for the rest .In 10 minutes she had the whole floor under control without any stress involved at all it was like she was in tune with everything .Even when a brat of a little kid tried to pour his chocolate milk down her leg she caught him just in time and put his glass on the table before he could do it then gave him the ,don’t you dare look .

The night couldn’t be going better for Holly it was like she was super waitress .The night progressed until midnight and the customers left to go watch the fireworks giving Arlene and the rest of the staff time to catch up then get ready for the rest for the night .A little after midnight Holly with Arlene and the rest rushed outside so they could watch finishing end of the fireworks as well ,they were a thing to behold ,the county of Bon Temps did a wonderful job .As the fireworks ended they headed back in to get ready for the rush and it was a rush .The customers came back in droves thirsty and  wanting to party .

The night played out without any incidents everyone was having a good time and by 2 am Arlene was ready to call it a night .It took some doing but by 2:30 all the customers were either driven home by cabs or designated drivers and the bar was finally quiet .Holly and Arlene let the rest fo the staff got home while they stayed to clean up .Arlene poured them a couple bourbons then they sat at the bar …

“So that went well ..dont ya think?” Arlene asks taking a sip .

“Yeah it did …I think it put your bar back on the map..”Drinking her amber fluid down in one gulp and pouring herself another .  

“I sure hope so …and you were like super waitress …what has gotten into you ?”Arlene says downing her drink and pouring another .

“I don’t know …ever since I bought the book store I have been feeling great …no more nightmares…my head is clear …everything I do works out …and mine and Andys sex life has never been better …I just don’t know what it is but Ill take it ..”She says smiling and drinking her drink and pouring another .

“Well you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth …if your feeling great just be thankful and except it …Im so happy for you …but I do miss you around here ” Arlene said with a smile pouring herself another drink .

“Well we better get to cleaning and stop the drinking or we will never get this place clean …”Holly said getting up and taking her glass to the kitchen .

“Yeah Yeah …I hear ya …But it would be nice just to sit ,talk and have a few like we use to …but your right this mess isn’t going to clean itself ..”Arlene said folling Holly to the kitchen .

Two hours later the bar was spic and span .They headed out the door and into Arlenes car for the drive home .They were both exhausted but happy it was a great night .

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