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Grand Opening

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Grand Opening

Post by Holly Cleary on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:01 pm

The morning was rough Arlene and Holly drank and talked until 6 in the morning .It was 9 and she was running late her grand opening was in less than 3 hours  ,she was so hung over .She took her aching body into the shower ,dressed then down to the kitchen for some much needed coffee.There she met Andy with a huge smile on his face ...

“Not feeling so well ?”He asked trying so hard not to laugh at her pain .

“Ha ha ..very funny laugh at my pain ...I really don’t feel so well ...I need coffee ...”Holly said through her blinding headache.

“Well maybe you shouldnt have drank so much the night before a big day ..”Chuckling trying so hard not to break into full blow laughter.

“Yeah Yeah I know ...it was stupid but it had been so long since Arlene and I had a night to let loose ...I couldn’t resist ..”Holly said putting her head on the table.

Finishing her coffee trying to feel better she moans and gets up from the table .Looking over at Andy she kisses his cheek says her goodbyes and heads out the door.She gets into her car and puts her head on the steering wheel  the world spins for a moment then settles back down ,she starts the car and puts in gear and prays to the Goddess she makes it to the book store .With both hands on the steering wheel she drives like a old woman but makes it to the store letting out a held on breath .Getting out of the car she notices that there is a line up at the store ,she blinks a couple of times and they are still there and the line goes around the front of the store all around to the back ,she was amazed.

Feeling a little better at seeing all the people waiting to go in and it was still 2 hours and counting till opening she walks up to the doors and asks the first couple people in line ...

“Hello may I ask you how long you have been standing here ?” Still amazed there was a line at all .

“Hi are you Holly Cleary ...Wow this is her you guys ...this is Holly ...yeah we been here since about 4 am ...I cant believe we got to meet you ...”A bunch a people started saying hello and waving their hands.

“Wow really ...well I have a few things to do then Ill open but I wont make you wait till 12 ...just give me about half hour ..” Holly said to the crowd .

She opened the door and walked in ,she was met with a calming serenity that over powered her .She instantly felt better the hangover was gone so was her headache .She moved around the store turning on lights ,lighting candles and burning incents .She opened her new till ,got all the electronics running then went to her alter to say a prayer  .She noticed right away that something was wrong with her alter it looked like someone had moved everything around with the jewel box as the center piece giving it the place of power .She didn’t have time to move everything back so she says her prayer anyway then went to open the store .

Customers came in filling the store with voices,laughter and magic.Everyone she encountered was either a practicing wiccan , interesting practicing or there because they believe . Talismans ,potions , books all were flying off her shelves and every one of her customer wanted her advice .She was booking readings for the weeks to come and customers leaving their numbers for more potions or things that they wanted that was not in the store .She had mailing list being filled out for specials .She never would have thought that the grand opening would have been this fruitful ,her promotion of the store had paid off  .

By 5 pm the store was finally cooling off ,she had noticed 3 women had stayed for the full day wondering around the store .She walked up to them as they were talking in quiet voices ..

“Hi Im Holly ...can I help y’all?” As she starts organising the books in front of her.

“Oh hi Holly ...Im Sam and this is Sue and Sadi ...we love your store it has everything a girl needs ...”Smiling at Holly .

“Why thank you ...I have spent alot of time to get it to opening ...did you try the coffees or maybe teas ...” Holly asks wondering why they have been around all day .

“Oh yea we did and the flavors on special are great ..” Sadi answers .

“So is there anything I can help you with ..I mean you guys have been here all day ..is there something special you would like to order or do you have questions ?”Holly asked

“Well there are some questions we have ...we are very interested in the Egyptian books you have ...these are some powerful books ...where did you get them might we ask ?” Sue asked

“Well to be honest they came with the store  ...There were several boxes in the back ..they came with the Old English ones there ...and two boxes of talismans ,crystals, and stuff ...Im snot sure how long they have been here..I can only think that Marnie ordered them ..” Holly didn’t see any point in lying to these three.

“Ah yes  Marnie ...I could see her ordering these books ...looking for more powerful spells ...it might be a good idea to take this one and those 4 off the shelves ..they are full of very powerful dark magics ...in the wrong hands they could be very dangerous ..the others are fine ...May I ask how long have you been wiccan ?” Trying not to sound intrusive Sam asked.

“Well I have been a practicing wiccan for almost 15 yrs ...why do you ask ?” Holly getting a little irritated.

“Well I would have thought you would have noticed that these books as being dangerous and not have them out on your shelves ..”Sam says

“Excuse me but I admit I am a little lacking in my Egyptian spells but you need ant be so rude ...thank you for your help but I think its time for y’all to leave ..I have other customers ..”Holly said curtly .

“No please ...dont take offence ...Sam didn’t mean to be so rude ...did you Sam ...what we really came to talk to you about is about joining our coven ...we would really like for you to join us ..” Sadi says in a pleaful tone .

“Join you ...for what ...to chant ...to pray ...what does your coven stand for ...the last time I did that I almost got killed ..” Holly said with a whole lot of skepticism in her voice.

“Yes we know ..we were watching ...but couldn’t intervene ...but we are not like that ...why don’t you come one night and see what we do ...here is my card ...call when your ready ”Said Sue .

Holly took the card then watched them leave .All beautiful ,all redheads,all witches and they want her to join .She wasn’t to sure about joining another coven ,her record with coven wasn’t great .There was the first coven she joined ended up being a group of thieves ,then there was that coven of orgies and the final one where Marnie tried to kill all the vampires and in doing so almost got her killed .She had sworn off covens or joining any group again but it had gotten so lonely chanting by herself on holidays and not being able to rejoice with others in her religion .

By 9 pm she was ready to close ,exhausted but feeling excited at finishing off her first day .She blows out the candles then heads to lock the door when she spies Marnies niece looking at the crystals ...

“I didn’t see you there ...Im getting ready to close ...what can I help you with ..”Holly walks up to her and asks

“Well I wanted to talk to you alone ...and finally here we are ...looks like you had a great day ...busy all day ...have you thought about hiring anyone yet ?” She asks with a hint of saucyness.

“Umm no thats the furthest thing from my mind right now ...I think maybe in the next few weeks Ill see how it goes ...I still have your resume and your number ..”Holly said getting a weird vibe from the girl .

“Im also wondering if you have come across my aunts Grimoire it was left to me in her will ...and the only place it could be in here...” She asks with suspicion in her voice .

“Umm no I haven’t ...but I haven’t gone through the store room yet ..I have your number and when I find it Ill call you ..” Holly said carefully

“Ok ...no biggy...let me know ...Ill talk to you soon ..” and she skipped out of the store .

Holly followed her and locked the door behind her wondering what just happened .She knew now what the first thing on her list for tomorrow was going to be ,it was going to find Marnies spell book .She was going to go through that book with a fine tooth comb before she gave it to Marnies niece because who knew what Marnie had in that book and that niece was just a bit strange .After everything Marnie had done in the past she didn’t want her niece starting trouble now .

Holly finishes her close and realizes that she had a more awesome day then she could have ever expected, thank the Goddess .She heads to her office to finish off the paperwork and file it all away .After she is done she stares at her alter meaning to change everything back but thinks better of it since she had such a great day .Instead she kneels down and prays to the Goddess and says her  thanks for such a wonderful day .

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