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The Book

Holly Cleary

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Sexual The Book

Post by Holly Cleary on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:26 am

The day was going beautifully customers were coming in ,in a wave after wave .Holly was never bored or over whelmed it was just the right amount of people all day .She never thought anything about it or how weird it was that a new unique business such as hers would have such a high customer base she just enjoyed the ride .Until Marnies niece came in during lunch ...

“Hi Holly ..Im just wondering if you found my Aunts spell book yet ?” She asked with that saucy attitude of hers.

“Im sorry I have looked everywhere for it and have come up empty ...I just don’t think its here ..”Holly said as pleasantly as she could.

“Well it isnt with any of her other stuff it has to be here ..are you sure youre not keeping it for yourself ?” She said with suspicion .

“Look ..I have been extra nice to you because you lost your Aunt but there was another owner before me maybe he took the book ...I don’t have it ...I looked for it ..its not here ...Why do you want it so bad anyway ..plan on using it ?” Holly asked with some anger behind her words.

“That is none of your business ..its mine it was left to me and I want it ..that is all you need to know ..”She said her voice full of disdain.

“Well its not here ..and I have helped you all I like to ...now I have real customers to help ...if you wouldn’t mind leaving my store ...”Holly said with finality .

Marnies niece glared at Holly ..

“This isn’t over and I will find my Aunts book ...”She turned on her heels and stormed out of the shop .

The rest of Hollys day was uneventful busy at times and not so much as others just a nice flowing day .Come closing time she moved around the store and put out the candles and incents then turned out the lights and locked the door .She headed for her office and slumped into her chair exhausted from the day .Gathering the receipts she started to do her close but was interrupted by a knock at the front door .

She pried herself out of her chair and went to the door ,it was one of the red headed witches she met at her grand opening .She unlocked the door and opened it and crack just to tell her that she was closed ...

“Hi nice to see you again ...but Im closed for the day ...”Holly said in her most pleasant tone .

“Hello Holly ..its Sam do you remember me ...I really need to talk to you ..its important ..” She looked agitated and abit panicked .

Holly poked her head out the door and looked up and down the mall strip and then let her in and locked the door behind her .

“Yes I remember you I was going to call y’all this weekend and see about getting together ..”Holly said in a worried tone looking at the panicked woman ...”Whats wrong you look upset ?”  She asked .

“Well we might have a problem with one of our covans sisters ...She is the niece of Marnies ..our sister said she has been looking for Marnies book and is getting more paranoid by the day that she doesn’t find it ...Im worried that she may try a break in here ...she believes you  have it your just not giving it to her ...Im worried for you ...she is dangerous ...even if you find the book you should burn it ...dont give it to her she will take it to a dark place ...do you have the book ?”Sam said all this with a truly worried tone.

“Like I told her I don’t have the book ...I have looked everywhere for it and I cant find it ...and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to her ..she seems off and we don’t need someone like her in charge of any spells ...”Holly said .

“Have you tried a lost book spell ?”Sam asked

“No I haven’t tried to any magic ...honestly I think if the book wanted to be found it would be and I really don’t want to find that book anyways ...it should stay lost ..”Holly stated .

“I am with you there ...I just wanted to warn you ..be carful ...I wouldn’t put it past her to break in ...and maybe you shouldn’t be alone in your store for awhile until she calms down ..if she calms down ...” Sam said with concern .

“Yeah maybe your right ...Ill pack it in for tonight and do my books tomorrow ...Thanks for the warning ...and I do want to go together with y’all sometime soon ..”Walking Sam to the door and letting her out .

“Yes absolutely we will all have to get together ..call me “ Sam said as she left the store .

Holly locked the door behind Sam and returned to her office ,she thought about what Sam had said about a lost book spell .She decided she would try it and if it didn’t work that would be the end of it .She took candles and laid them in a circle and lite them ,then took out her Book of Light and said the spell ...

“Loving Spirits I ask you for Charity
Lend me your focus and clarity
Lead me to the book I cannot find
And restore my peace of mind  “  

All of a sudden Marnies book drops out of nothing right into the middle of her circle of candles.Holly starts at the book wide eyed not believing that its there.She thinks Marnie must have put a spell on it so no one would find it .Quickly blowing out the candles ,turning off the lights in the office and gathering her stuff up to go home ,she takes the book out with her to the car .Once on the road she feels safe enough to think how she is going to deal with the book .She cant give it to the girl ,she knows all to well what will happen if she gets her hands on it .Holly decides it must be destroyed and quickly ,she will do it as soon as she gets home .

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