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A dead body

Holly Cleary

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Sexual A dead body

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:02 am

Just as they were finishing supper Hollys phone started ringing .She excuses herself from the table and answers..

“Hello this is Holly …Yes I do …OH my Goddess…are you sure …yes we will be there as soon as we can ..thank you .”Holl put the phone down and went back into the dining room .

“Umm Hon we have to go to the store ..someone broke in and …she is dead …something about hitting her head when she broke in …I don’t know but we have to go now ..come on …Andy ..did you hear what I said ?” Holly said looking at him with panic in her voice .

“Yea I heard you just a little in shock ..why would someone break into your store ..there is nothing to steal but some books and trinkets …Ok ..ok …lets go ..”Andy put on his belt and they headed out .

Driving to the store in Shreve Port Holly told Andy about Marnies niece and the problems she was having with her .She mentioned Sam and her warning then she hoped that the dead girl wasn’t Marnies niece but it could be none other .Holly was concerned that there may be issues with keeping her book store open if there had been a dead body there .But Andy told her that only if it was a homicide ,if it was due to the person breaking in and killing themselves she should have no worries.He told her there would be an investigation and an autopsy on the person then they would let her know the findings .She shouldn’t worry though as she has an alibi and to him it looks like an open and shut case .

As they pulled up to the store there were several police and sheriff cars out front as well .They got out and asked for the officer in charge …

“Hello Im Andy Bellefleur sheriff over in Bon Temps and this is my fiancé  Holly Cleary the store owner …can you point us to the officer in charge …over there …thanks .” Andy nods to the officer who pointed out the lead detective .

“Hello Detective Jenkins ..Im Sheriff Andy Bellefleur over in Bon Temps and this is Holly Cleary the store owner …” Andy gently pushes Holly toward the detective.

“Yes ..Im Holly ..Hi …So what happened here …” She asked a little panicky .

“Well it looks like the suspect got in through the roof via the sky light and during her decent into your shop she must have hit her head …not realizing how bad she hit it she continued to rifle through your shop looking for something …as the bleeding in her head was getting worse she was losing motor function until she passed out and died …this is only suspect until the autopsy … would you know what she was looking for Miss Clearly …  ?” Detective Jenkins asked .

“That’s awful ..what a terrible way to go …well if its who I think it is she is a previous owners niece and was looking for her Aunts spell book ..she said it was left to her in her Aunts will …I never found it …she was here earlier and was very angry that I hadn’t found the book …I never thought she would go this far …I mean its crazy …and tragic ….”Holly said very upset that it came to this .

“Well as long as everything checks out you should be able to open back up in a couple of days …as for cleaning the mess there is a company that helps with crime scene clean up if you need the help ..here is the number …I don’t think we need anything else from you tonight accept your where abouts around 8 pm ..” The detective asks .

“Umm I left work around 630 then home to help cook supper …so I was home from about 7 til you guys called me .. with my family ..”Holly looks to Andy to confirm .

“Yea she got home around 7 and didn’t leave .”Andy said to the detective in a matter of fact tone .

“Ok ..I had to ask part of the job …so Ill let you know when you can go back in to the store or if anything else comes up …you two have a good night ..”He says as he goes back into the store.

Andy and Holly are left in a stunned stupor on the side walk in front of the store wondering just what in the hell went on .They look at each other then get the in the car both quiet for the first couple of minutes trying to take in what had happened .Andy was the first to talk ..

“Ok ..so they will let us know when you can get back in ..I would think that you should use the cleaners so you can get the smell of dead body out of the store …that’s really important ..” He said not really knowing what to say .

“What …”She looks over at him .

“The smell of dead body out ?” She said shocked .

“That’s kinda the last thing I was worried about …but thanks I guess ..” Looking at him with that what are you thinking look .

They are quiet again for the rest of the ride .As they pull into the house driveway  Andy turns off the car and gets ready to get out when Holly grabs his arm and stops him …

“I have to tell you something …its about Marnies spell book …I did find it …before I left from work …I did a lost book spell and it metalized out of nothing into my circle ..so someone hid it …didn’t want it found ..so I brought it home …I plan on destroying it tonight…”Holly said to him with a bit of mystery in her voice.

“You what …I cant believe you lied to that detective …why did you do that  …what is so important about that damn book ?” Andy said getting hot under the collar.

“I didn’t really lie ..well yes I lied ..and I don’t know what is so important about it …I have no idea why that girl wanted it so bad but it couldn’t have been good …no one goes after something to the detriment of their lives like that for a good book …it must have very powerful spells in it… after all it helped bring back the dead remember …it needs to be destroyed before anyone gets their hands on it ..”Holly said with conviction .

“Ok ..as long as you know what you’re doing ..I don’t like it .”He said as he got out of the car and stomped into the house .

Holly sat there for a few minutes longer thinking about what would motivate such a young girl to break in to her store to try and steal that book .She knew she had to destroy it but maybe she needed to take a look at it first .See what magic it holds ,what kind of spells that would make a girl go crazy and kill herself just to try and get a ahold of it .She had to know what Marnies spell book was all about .

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