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To live alone again

Willa Burrell

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Sexual To live alone again

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:13 am

Tossing and turning for most of the day Willa was a bundle of nerves ,she didn’t really want Vex to leave but it was for the best .She would never be able to give him what he wanted ,she could never love him the way he wanted.She did love him but more like a brother then anything .How was she going to let him down and make him understand that he needs  to got the VA hospital for treatment.Finally getting up before sundown , dressing in her running clothes she crept along the hall way not wanting to run into Vex and headed down stairs with the pups at her heels.She thought if she could get a run in before she had the talk maybe her head would be clearer.Just as she was about to leave as the sun went down she heard Vex’s raspy voice  ,he had been drinking all day .

“So what are you doing up so early vampire…shouldn’t you be in your coffin still …Ive been waiting for you ..so we could talk …like you wanted ..so here I am and you are sneaking out …whats the problem Willa?”

“Your drunk and Im not having this conversation with you stinking of whiskey …its not right …you need to be in the right frame of mind and being drunk is not it …Im going for a run …you should go to bed ..”

She goes to reach out for the door and he had ahold of her arm in alarming speed ..

“Your not going anywhere till we talk …so get your ass back into that living room or else ..”

“Or else ..or else what Vex your gonna get all mad and try to take on a vampire …get your hand off me …I will not go into the living room …Im goning for a run and if you don’t like that …well.. that is just too damn bad…”

He grabbed her again this time with much more force and flung her back from the door and then pushed her toward the living room …

“Your gonna do what I say for once vampire your going into that living room and you’re going to hear what I have to say …”

He takes another drink wipes him mouth and kicks her on the ass to move her along.Willa was furious just as she was getting ready to swing around and take him out she heard a soft click behind her ear …

“That’s right ..wooden bullets too …so don’t try any vampire bullshit on me …just keep moving …I wouldn’t have to do this if you would have only talked to me when I wanted you to ..but now look ..you vampires always thinking your better than us humans  ..and you…you think your better than most vampires as well  as humans …trying to go to school …better yourself …leading the way …its all bullshit …you will never amount to anything ..you will always be a vampire no matter how many letters there are after your name ..”

“Sit ..now …”

Pushing the gun in Willa’s face ….

“I love you and you could care less …you vampires are all bout blood and lust …but not Willa oh no she is all business …no heart …no will for anything else but her goal and fuck the rest of us …I love you cant you see that …I want you with me all the time …I feel better when your around …normal…and you want to take that away from me …you want to throw me and my love away… instead love me …and Ill be better …Ill work harder …I promise …please Willa love me ..”

Slumping on the couch next to her with the gun held loosely in his hand ,Vex starts to softly cry .Willa takes the gun out from his hand ,takes the bullets out and sets it on the table .

“Vex …you have to know I care for you but not the way you want and I will never …I am goal orientated …I have one thing on my mind and that’s school …I thought I could help you but it is clearly not going to work and you need more than I can offer …No I cant love you Vex and maybe nobody ever ….and Im ok with that ..I know the way you acted tonight was mainly out of the bottle but it had to come from somewhere and Im not prepared to have another incident like this …so Im going to take you to the VA Hospital tonight ..Im going to head upstairs and pack for you …you just please stay here Ill be right back ..”

Willa rushed to Vexs room and packed as fast as only a vampire can pack then headed down with all his bags ,Vex was nowhere and neither was the gun .Feeling stupid Willa crept around the house trying to find Vex calling out his name …

“Vex I thought you were going to wait for me ….what ya doing with that gun …I thought we came to an understanding …”

Softly talking to him as she walks around the house she found him standing in the kitchen by the window watching something with the gun in his hand …

“Are you ok ..what are you watching …I thought we were going to leave the gun alone and get ready to go to the VA Hospital ..”

“I heard a sound and thought it might be an infected ..so I grabbed my gun …But all I see out there is the fog coming in …”

His gun hand shaking by his side with the gun in it  as he watched out the window for any movement .Willa tried to touch him …

“Don’t you touch me ..”

Putting the gun in her face once more ,his gun hand shaking uncontrollably  …

“You said you were going to be there for me …you said you would help me …and now you just want to pack me up and put me in a hospital …how can you do this …I thought we had something …I should just end us …you and me …and then there would be nothing to argue about …I hate arguing with you …”

Willa wasn’t sure what to do she had never been in a situation like this ,she took a step back then another .She did want to help Vex and surly didn’t want to hurt him but enough was enough ,she was tired of his pity party .She took another step back giving herself plenty of room ,she quickly took the gun out of Vexs hands and hit him up along side of his head and knocked him out .Talking to his knocked out body as she picks him up as if her could hear her and heads out the door to put him in her car for the trip to the hospital..

“God I thought you would never stop whining …I know your drunk and all but enough already …holy shit your heavy ..now lets hope you don’t wake up till we get to the hospital ..”

She goes back for his bags puts them into the car then heads down the drive to the VA hospital .Vex wakes just a few minutes before they arrive at the hospital …

“Whats going on ..why the fuck am I  in your car …where are we going …”

“You’re going to the VA hospital …I cant look after you any longer ..you should have been there right off the bat and in my ignorance I have only made matters worse …you need help and not the kind I can give ..Im sorry Vex but this is the way it has to be ..Ill come and visit often ..now we are almost there and I don’t want any bullshit from you they are there to help you …”

“Willa …I didn’t mean to …the gun and everything …Im so sorry …your right I should have gone right from the start …thank you for all you have done for me ..”

He said full of shame and heartbreak .As they arrived an orderly came out to meet them with a wheelchair .Willa helped Vex into it and left the bags for the orderly and they walked into admitting .Willa filled out as much of the paperwork as she could then gave it over to Vex who finished it off .Willa went up to admitting and told nurse that he had been drinking all day and was severely depressed.

Another  nurse came out after a while to speak to Willa and Vex .He went over all the admission directions , what would happen to Vex during his first week to 10 days of detox ,then he would be put into a program that suited his illness .The whole process was to be a 6 month evaluation and treatment then if able to a half way house after the 6 months . Vex looked to Willa pleadingly but she was having none of it .She smiled to the nurse then asked about a couple of details and agreed that this was the right place for Vex .Vex on the other hand was quiet and sorrowful just nodded his head .

The nurse had the orderly take Vex’s bags to his room and let Willa say her goodbyes ..

“You know this is for the best Vex ..and I will come and visit you I promise ..But I just cant help you anymore …you take care of yourself and Ill see you soon ..”

Vex just sat there .Willa leaned in and kissed him on the check and watched as the nurse took him to his room .She waited till he was gone and let out a huge breath .She knew it had to be done ,he was a danger to himself and to her .But did it have to end like this with him hitting bottom like that .She guessed it had to for them both to see that he wasn’t getting better with her he was getting worse .

Out in her car on the drive home she thought about how nice it was having someone living there with her and now she would be coming home to a house that was quiet and empty .Maybe once this whole thing with Vex fades into the back ground she will feel better .Vampires do better on their own anyway ,don’t they …

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