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Marnies Grimoire

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Marnies Grimoire

Post by Holly Cleary on Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:51 am

Now that she was let back into the store Holly started cleaning up the mess .She had called the cleaners number the detective  gave to her and they had just left leaving clutter but not much else .The blood where Marnies niece had died was gone as well as the glass from the sky light in the roof and a new one had been installed .All she had to do was clean her office ,where the majority of the destruction had been and put some books way in the main room .It took her about 3 hours to finally get it done .She stayed closed for the rest of the day because she wanted to go through Marnies Grimoire and try to figure out just what that girl was after .

In the beginning of the book was full of helpful spells .Spells for protection , finding things, image spells , transformation spells things you would find in any practicing witch’s book .But as she went along the spells became darker , full of personal gain, curses  and finally necromancy .There was still nothing that would scream you need this spell or die .Going through the whole book twice ,she looked at the cover back and front .Then she realized that on the back cover there was a paper glued to it ,it was hard to see because it was the same color as the cover .She took a knife and went around the edges releasing the glue and the paper floated to the ground .

Holly picked up the paper and there was writing on it ,very light but it was there.She tried to read it and could only make out words here and there .She was certain that it was a spell of some sort dated 1892 and signed by Laura Mercer.Holly knew this must have been what Marnies niece wanted from the book .She tried again to read it and it was a bit more clearer ,it seemed like every time she tried to read it the writing became clearer .The more the words darkened the more she wanted to read it  until the writing was finally dark enough she was able to read the whole spell .As she read the hairs on the back of her arms started to stand up and she got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach .This was a spell to summon The Child.

Holly couldn’t believe it, this spell was suppose to be a scary bedtime story for children .The Child wasn’t suppose to actually be able to be summoned ,she was a myth.Holly dropped the spell and the writing faded away again ,she picked it up and the writing became darker.She was shocked , she read the spell again and went over all the things one would need to fulfill the ritual and it looked to her to be the real deal .She dare not summon The Child to be sure that kind of power should stay in the afterworld .But she didn’t have anyone she trusted to help her check it out .Deciding to do some research on The Child myth she took the spell and put it into her safe .

Going to her computer she goggles “The Child” and gets several hits ,but everything regards her as a myth. She then heads to her books she was in a magic store after all .She looks to the new books she shelved when she opened on the history of magic .There she finds a whole chapter on The Child and nothing there was myth orientated .

The Child was a child of 9 she was accused of witch craft in 1677 .She was caught talking to spirits by the river one night while she was getting water for the home .Another family was getting water at the same time and heard this little voice talking to the river and the surrounding foliage.She was said to be heard chanting to spirits asking for favor for her family over all others and to get revenge on a little girl who pulled her hair .The family went to the high priest and told what they had seen and the little girl was labeled a witch and taken from her family that night .

She was tortured for months by the high priest and monks .Kept in a cell where she could only sit or stand .They cut her , burned her skin off ,tried to drown her, and refused to feed her .They did these things daily until her frail little body could hold out no longer and died, then they  burned her body at the stake .  They then gathered up the remains and sent the ashes to all the four corners of the kingdom so her spirit wouldn’t be able to come back .

As the story went on ,the family that accused her all died of consumption within a matter of weeks  after her death .The high priest was found hanging upside down in his rooms on the anniversary of her death . And the monks that helped torture her were all found out to be heretic  then burned at the stake not long after the high priest killed himself .Then for years nothing accept a death here and there which cannot directly attributed to The Child .

About 250 years later deaths started appearing around the anniversary of The Childs death .These were more men of the cloth who had to do with torturing and burning of witches .They had nothing to do with The Childs death directly there were no family links for revenge or anything like that .But they were said to have been linked through witchcraft at a later date .

It was stated by some witches during that time that a dark warlock had made a spell to call forth the rage of The Child .This warlock called forth The Child and used her power to seek revenge on the men who took her family and murdered them as witches .It was stated by these very same witches that they had to kill the warlock because she could not contain The Childs power .The last entre in the book about The Child was a warning that if anyone should get the spell for releasing her they should destroy it .

Holly put the history book away and sat in her chair for a moment taking in all she had read .She couldn’t believe that she had the spell for bringing forth The Child and that she was actually real .No wonder Marnies niece wanted the spell book she must have known that the spell was in it .But why release such a powerful spirit unless you had something very bad in mind .She had to find out more about Marnies niece .She decided to call Sam and ask her for that get together .It was past time she was out in the wiccan world.

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