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Post by Holly Cleary on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:12 am

Before Holly had a chance to call Sam and set up a lunch Sam , Sue and Sadi were at the front door of the store .A little  before opening they knocked hoping Holly was there .Holly came out of the office to see who was there and wasn’t really surprised to see the three sisters .She had been thinking about calling Sam so much it didn’t surprise her that they were there waiting on her front step …

“Hey y’all come on in ..Ive been thinking about calling to make a lunch date and look here you all are…how are y’all …Hows your friend holding up …she must be devastated with the loss of Marnies niece..”Holly said.

“She is taking it very hard …it is very hard on our coven …She asked us to see if you found the spell book …she would really like it back its all she has left now of that part of her heritage ..”Sue asked

“Well that’s no good.. but I have not found the book yet …I don’t know if I ever will I have looked everywhere …can I ask what is so important about that spell book …I mean Marnie on her own wasn’t such a great witch …so her spells weren’t so great were they ?” Holly inquires

“No not so great …she just wants it for sentimental reasons …you know something to hold on to from her past …”said Sam.

“She is the last living relative of her line and is very set on preserving all she can from her line no matter what it is …so maybe you could take another look it would mean the world to our sister ..”Sadi asked .

“Sure …I can do that …no problem …Ill look around again ..”

“So …the reason I was going to call you …how about setting a time to get together …I would like to talk about maybe coming into your coven..”Holly said quietly unsure of herself .

“Really… oh Holly we would love to have you …we can set something up for next week say Thursday night ..if you like we can have the meeting here so you don’t feel so out of place …”Sue remarked happily.

“Really …oh that would be wonderful if we could have it here …and maybe we could have it here once a week in the back room its all set up ..come back and see ..I did this last night ..”Holly said as she waved them to follow her.

They all walked to the back of the store into a large room .The walls were covered with beautiful wall coverings of calming colors and patterns.The floor had a huge rug on it with pillows everywhere and candles placed at each magical point .On the tables there were bowels ,mixers , jars ,talismans , crystals and more .There was everything you would need to do magic all in that room and if you needed anything all you would have to do is go out front and it was all there for the taking . The three women walked around the room in awe of what Holly had done ,they had a nice place to meet but nothing like this .They all turned to Holly with big smiles across their faces and said ..

“This place is wonderful ..”

“I saw the place when Marnie had it and you have surpassed what she had done back here  ..it is very inviting …very calming ..and will be a wonderful place to chant …the others will be so happy …thank you Holly for giving us such a beautiful place to use our magic ..”Sadi said with eyes brimming with tears.

“I hope all this works out …I made this place in the hopes that we can all be together and have a peaceful coven ..I have had some bad experiences the worst is being with Marnie ..I don’t want that I want to practice my magic in peace with peaceful people …and I hope your coven is that ..”Holly said.

“Oh we totally understand ..Marnie was the reason we started our coven we were getting ready to war with her when the vampires beat us to it …we wanted nothing to do with Marnie and her craziness ..  we are a peaceful coven ..we just like having fun and our magic is for us ”said Sam in a very stern way.

“Well that’s good because Ive about had enough crazy for a life time …So then it’s a date next Thursday …how many will be joining us ?” Holly asks with a smile on her face .

“There are 7 of us including you  …lucky number thats great …Ill bring some snacks and drinks then we will meet here at 9pm …sounds great doesn’t it ..”Sue said tapping on her phone emailing all the sisters .

“Ok well we better let you get to work  …looks like we have taken up enough of your time ..so we will see you in a couple of days …cant wait Holly ..”Sadi said smiling .

The three left Hollys store smiling and chattering to themselves about the meeting , how they were going to have a great time and how they couldn’t have asked for a better sister to add to the coven .Holly was excited about joining the coven but had that gnawing feeling that they wanted The Child spell as well .They wanted Marnies spell book but maybe it was just for their sister like they said .She thought if maybe she gave them the book without the spell all would be good .She pulled out the book and went through it again reading each and every spell making sure there was nothing in it that could hurt anyone and there wasn’t .She looked at the place where she took off The Child spell and you could defiantly tell something was removed  so she took an eraser and ran it over the glued edges in the hopes it would make it look older and it did sort of .She then rubbed some dirt in it and that helped abit more ,she messed around with it until she was satisfied that it looked like the page was taken out long ago .

She then hid the book again then decided to give the book over to the coven minus one spell .She still had no idea what she was going to do with that spell ,she should destroy it and wanted to but something was holding her back from doing that .Her first customer of the day came in and then she had no time to think at all, the day got away from her again with customers needing this or that .By the end of the day she was exhausted ,ready to go home ,eat supper and snuggle her man.

As she was closing up she remembers that she wanted to take Marnies book with her back home so she goes back to her office .She sees out of the corner of her eye a shadow sweeping across the back wall ,she takes a quick breath and looks over but it was gone .Taking the book ,her purse and some paperwork she looks around for anything that was out of place but sees nothing .She turns and leaves her office then heads for the door, flicks the lights off and out the door she goes locking it from the outside she has a funny feeling of being watched .Looking over her shoulders she sees no one .Shaking herself she goes to her car ,gets in and drives away feeling very strange.

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