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Will Power

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Will Power

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:42 am

School was hard things weren’t going well ,she couldn’t keep her mind on anything but Vex .She wondered how he was doing now that  he wasn’t at her home  and she was at the hospital more than not .She blew her threw courses and studying just so she could make time to visit him ,taking time away from the furies and the house as well.She knew it couldn’t go on like this but she felt guilty for just dropping him off like she did .

That night wasn’t her best and maybe she rushed in making the decision to just drop him off like that .She kept running it through her head ,thats why tonight she was going to speak to his doctor .She had an appointment in an hour and she was nervous ,she blamed herself for some of the condition that Vex was in and she really didn’t know how to explain to the doctor how she let it get this far. She was really very embarrassed about the whole thing.

Getting out of school early again to deal with this was going to be the last time .She could tell that her professors were getting a little testy about it but what are they really going to do she was advanced in all of her studies. She has promised herself that this was the last time she was going to let Vex and his problems become her problems anymore .She cared for him but this guilt trip she was laying on herself had to stop .She couldn’t live like this any longer .Walking to her car she gave herself a pep talk ..

“Ok ...no more of this bullshit ..its not your fault he fell in love with you ...you had to do what you had to do ...you had to take him to the hospital there was no way around it ...he was just going to hurt himself ...or try to hurt you ..”

She kept up the self talk all the way to the VA Hospital .Once in the door she went up to the front desk and asked for Dr.Brown and was told to have a seat and he will be right with her.

While waiting out walks a very tall ,very dark ,very handsome man from behind the back hall ..

“Hello Miss Burrell Im Dr. Brown  ..why don’t you come in to my office and we will have a talk about Mr Coffmine ..”

She followed Doctor Brown into his office and sat down .He came in after her ,closed the door and sat behind his desk.He took out Vexs file and laid it out ,he glances over it then looks at her ..

“Well Miss Burrell it was a good thing you got him to us when you did ..he was and is on the edge ...he is very sorry what happened on the night that brought him here..it eats at him ...but the main core problem is of course the months he was with the infected ...he has sever PTSD and should have been with us as soon as he escaped from them ...but such as thing are hes with us now and we have allot of work to do with him ..I know you care for him but we have allot of work here and I think you visiting is only making things worse for Mr.Coffmine ..”

“Before you get started and try to make a plea for yourself let me explain ...He is in love with you and you do not love him back ..he needs time to get over that ...Your a vampire and vampires were the ones who captured him and tortured him for months ..Im surprised he stayed with you for as long as he did without trying something ..he is dangerous ..not just to you but to others around him ..he has tried several times to escape and get back to you ..he has injured nurses in the process ...you cant come anymore ..not until he has a handle on things better ..Now I can keep you updated on a weekly basis ...but we cant have him in the state he is in and I believe that will calm down if you are no longer a factor ..”

“No I understand ..I was actually going to come here tonight and talk to you about not coming anymore ..I care about Vex very much but its true I do not love him and never will ...I was coming here to ask how much damage I have done and would do if I stopped coming ..It looks like I have done allot of damage trying to help him and it sounds like it would better for him if I just stayed out of his life for now which I need to do for my sake as well ...I feel so guilty for not bringing him in right away but he didn’t want to come ...But that is neither here nor there now ..I just want him to get better ...So I wont come any longer ..how will that be explained to him ?”

“I will explain it to him that we have talked and we have decided that it is in his best interest for now that you don’t visit ..Im sure he will not like it but he needs to focus on his treatment now and not you ..so what I will do is I will send you weekly email with updates on his progress and if you have any questions you can always call or come in to see me ..So is there anything I can answer for you now I have another meeting in about 10 minutes ..”

“No ..I don’t think so ..Im pretty clear on his treatment plans ..here is my cell number if you cant reach me on the house phone and you have my email ..so I guess there isn’t anything else ..thank you for taking the time to talk with me ...If you need me for anything I am normally at the University ...So Ill not take up anymore of you time then ..have a good night ..”

“Yes you too Miss Burrell ..”

Willa walks out of the hospital feeling not too sure of her feelings .She was going in there to tell them she wasn’t going to be able to come visit any longer because she thought it wasn’t good for Vex or her any longer .Yet she was told she couldn’t visit ,she should feel good .But she felt weird like she had just been kicked out ,rejected ,not wanted .She drove home trying to filter through these feelings at one point she felt so bad she started crying tears of blood falling from her eyes .She couldn’t get a handle on her emotions ,she didn’t know what the hell was going on she should be feeling good .She was free to do what she wanted when she wanted without guilt .Yet she still felt guilty ,oh would this ever end .She thought going to talk to the doctor would relieve some of her guilt but it seemed to add to it .

Driving into her driveway she decided that she just would not feel guilty about Vex ,she just wasnt going to do it any longer .She figured it was like a bad habit and like any bad habit you could drop it all you had to do was have will power and that is exactly what she was going to do . Have will power ...

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