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1st meeting with Chase

Willa Burrell

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Sexual 1st meeting with Chase

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:11 am

So her first meeting with Chase was in 15 minutes .She got to the meeting room early so she could get some studying in before her session.Her next Accounting final was in 3 weeks and she wanted to bone up on a few things .School had been going better since she had moved Vex out of her house and her crazy self talk had been keeping the guilt at bay .She still missed having a roommate though, who would have thought that this vampire didn’t want to be alone like most ,she really needed to have someone with her .Thats was why she posted on the schools board for a roommate ,she thought she would give it a try .Maybe taking in a student would help the loneliness she feels every day since Tara died .

Chases entered and took a seat across the table from Willa …

“So how are you feeling today …I saw you earlier walking to class ..still talking to yourself I see ..”

She said with a grin on her face .Reaching over the table and closing Willas books ..

“Willa look at me ..its ok to talk to yourself ..really it is …who cares if you look crazy ..if its helping you it’s a good thing …but Ill show you so many other tools to use instead of muttering …First tell me why you have posted for a roommate ?”

Willa looked kind of nervous wringing her hands .This was going to be harder then she thought it was …

“Well ever since my friend Tara died ..she was my roommate as well as my best friend ,teacher,and well she was just my everything …she died and I was left alone in this vampire world ..I have been feeling very alone …and then Vex came into my life and I tried to help him and made a total mess out of that ..but he filled my sadness at being alone  …I should have just taken him to the VA hospital right away but I was so happy at someone being with me I didn’t …so now that he is gone my house is so very empty I thought if I opened it up to a student maybe it wouldn’t be ..”

Willa looked bruised and abit beaten  she really had allot of feelings that needed to come out and Chase saw how soft this vampire really was at the core of her being and was surprised …

“Ok..I get that ..you miss your friend …but she is gone and you need to move on inside as well as out …you have done a great job on the outside ..going back to school and all ..but inside your still hurting a lot …I think its great you want to offer a student a place to live as long its for the right reasons and its not to fill your need of not wanting to be alone …So how do we find that out ..firstly you have to let Tara go however that is for you ..you must do that …go to her grave site …write her a letter …do whatever you have to do …but you have to or all the work we do is for not …so what does letting Tara go look like to you ..”

Willa had to really think about that because she had thought she had let Tara go .But the more she thought about it the more she saw that she really had not let her friend go ,she had been holding onto the memory of Tara since she had died .Everyday Tara had been in her thoughts ….

“Your right …I thought I had let Tara go but really I have not ..she is always in my thoughts ..in my decisions about the house and the pups …I even thought about her when I decided to post a room for rent …I haven’t even gone through her room yet ..I barely go in there and when I do I sit on her bed and just cry …so what would it look like to let her go ..I don’t have the slightest idea ..I guess I could go to her grave and say my goodbyes there ….I just don’t know …I have been living with her ghost for so long ..it seems normal to me …”

Chase reached across the table and took Willas hand and gave it a squeeze …

“Its very hard to say goodbye to the ones we love and grieving process has no limits on it …but when it is disrupting you life you need to get a handle on it ..what happened with you and Vex was a direct indication of you not wanting to be alone …you not wanting to lose another friend …and in doing so it blew up in your face can you tell me more of that incident with Vex …”

“Well you know he came to me for help after he was held hostage by infected vampires for months …he stayed with me for a few months and I tried to help him with his PTSD ..but he fell in love with me and all hell broke loose ..he had a break down and freaked out ..got drunk and kissed me ..I freaked out and took him to the VA hospital …but it could have all been averted if I would have just took him to the hospital right away ..”

Willa was getting more and more drug down into the hole of despair while she talked about these things that were close to her heart ….

“Willa don’t despair please I can see it all over your face …we go over these things so we can look at them from a different point of view …and then I can give you the tools to fight the feelings when they come up ..you thought you were doing the right thing  with Vex and you have no control over the grief you feel for Tara ..”

Chase continued to talk and give Willa several tools to fight her guilt over Vex and some to help her with her grief for Tara .She had pulled several books from the school library  and gave them to her .Chase had marked places in the books that she wanted Willa to read and then gave her some homework .They talked for another hour then said their goodbyes after setting up another meeting for the next day .

Willa walked to her car feeling good ,it was a toss up earlier if she was going to go through this but  near the end it got better once she understood how therapy works  .Getting into her car she put her books and homework in the passenger seat and headed home .Once home she was going to go for a run with the pups when she looked at her phone it was filled with messages .She sat on the chair and hit play ..

“Hello this is Jess Im responding to the post about the room …”

This went on for 10 messages ,she was amazed that 10 different people wanted to come and see the room she had available .She thought she was the campus crazy .Well she put off going for a run and started calling back students .She hoped that there was one in the bunch that she liked enough to live with ..

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