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To much to do

Holly Cleary

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Sexual To much to do

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:02 am

Holly was walking up to the front door of the store when she realized that there was someone waiting for her .She looked up from her stacks of books and sees its Sam ,the one person she didn’t want to deal with today .Anyone but Sam ,she had a feeling that Sam was going to ask her about the missing page at the back of Marnies spell book and she didn’t have the time or energy to discuss it .There was a huge order due any minute that was going to leave Holly stretched for time as it was …

“Oh hello Sam so nice to see you this early ..please come in ..”Holly said walking up to the store front and opening the door for Sam .

“Hi Holly sorry Im here so early but what I have to talk to you about cant wait ..Im sure your busy and all but this cant wait ..”As Sam walks into the store and heads to the back office taking off her coat.

“Oh really ..well then lets get down to it ..I have a huge order due in about 15 minutes ..”Holly follows her and puts the stack of books on her desk and takes off her coat and sits at her desk eagerly waiting for Sam to tell her what cant wait .

“Well its about Marnies spell book …there is a spell missing ..it was attached to the back of the book …it’s a very dangerous spell and if the wrong person gets ahold of that spell it could be disastrous …this spell gives the owner great power ..and we are worried that it is gone ..did you see it or maybe take it thinking that it was too powerful and maybe destroy it ..we really need to know what happened to it ..”Sam looking at Holly with pleading in her eyes .

“I have never looked that far into the book I really only glanced at it once I found it …saw that her spells were not that strong …I never even saw the back of the book …So what kind of spell is this anyway ?” Holly asked innocently.

“This spell could make an average witch into kind of a super witch ..the rage in that spell could turn you into something nonhuman …something not of this world and filled with rage and powerful ..more powerful then 10 witches combined ..we want the spell so we can destroy it but it has to be destroyed properly with magics ..you just cant burn it ..it has to be destroyed with spells and fire combined …we have the spells we have been working on them for years ever since we learned that Marnie had the childs spell …but now the spell is gone ..”Sam looked over Holly suspiciously .

“How do I know what your saying is the truth ..say I have the spell and wanted to destroy it as well but didn’t know who I could trust …I couldn’t just trun it over to you and hope for the best ..that would be crazy on my part …it is a very powerful spell ..I read up on it ..and I do have it …Im not going to play games ..I don’t trust anyone with that thing …if you truly want to destroy it Ill help but the spell stays with me at all times …I have protection spells all over the place and around it so don’t try anything …the spell is safe ..no one can get to it …I have to be sure what you say it true ..you know Marnies niece broke in  trying to get that spell …whats to stop any of the rest of you to try and do the same thing …I want to trust you and the rest of your coven but really I just met you girls and I have no idea what your intentions are ..”Holly said making intentions known to Sam .

“I know and we are sorry for what she did ..but we are not like that …we want that spell to be no more ..its dangerous for all if its still around and can be used …please Holly you have to trust us we don’t want that spell for personal gain ..if you want to be with us when we destroy it then that’s great we would love for you to be apart of that and another witchs power is always welcome ..but we need to do it soon the anniversary of the childs death is coming near and if we don’t destroy the spell before that date.. there is a chance the child can choose a witch to occupy and give over her powers to and then nothing can be done  …it hasn’t happened in a hundred years but it has happened ..the childs spirit chooses a witch that is pure and loves her then decides that she is deserving of her power and on the anniversary of her horrid death she gives her gift to the witch ..but the witch can never handle so much power and it always corrupts …and in the end the rage and power of the child kills the witch and whomever is close to her ..friends ..family…her coven …it’s a very sad story …” Sam said her eyes brimming with tears .

“How much time do I have to decide ?” Holly asked

“The anniversary is in two weeks …so I will need you answer soon …please Holly we are not the bad guys here …we can be trusted ...give us a chance …maybe after the next gathering you will see that we are the good guys …please think on it and get back to me …Ill let you get back to work …please ..please think on it …this spell needs to be destroyed the sooner the better ..”Sam says with a pleading tone in her voice .

She gets up and puts on her coat then heads for the door with Holly following her .Once at the door Holly stops and holds the door open for her …

“Ill think on everything you had to say and Ill let you know what I come up with ..I still have allot of research to do on this spell before I make any more decisions about it ..Thanks for coming by ..and I will get back to you as soon as I can ..”Holly said her goodbyes and then shut the door .

She got back to doing her opening up the store after Sam left .She turned on the rest of the lights ,lighting all the candles and incents .Then she went into the back office and put away all the books she took home and got ready for her order that should be showing up and minute .While waiting she sat and thought really hard about everything Sam had told her until she heard a huge crack and looked up …

“Umm Miss Im Dean …your order is here but Im sorry ..my new man cracked your door  …here is all the information to get it fixed ..where do you want your boxes ..”Dean asked looking sheepish about the door .

“Oh no well that’s just great I guess put all the boxes in the store room back there and Ill call about the door …thanks..”

Just another thing she had to worry about today as if she didn’t have enough on her mind …

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