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Willa Burrell

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Sexual Interviews...

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:16 pm

Willa woke excited she had several appointments for roommates this evening instead of going to her classes .She jumped into the shower steamed her sleek beautiful body then dressed and took the dogs for a run ,she wanted them good and tired for the all the appointments .After their run the pups got fed and brushed to look their best .Miss Meow was fed her favorite food and groomed as well to look her best for all the new people she was going to meet .Willa had six students coming between seven and ten  and then the rest were coming tomorrow .She had wrote down several questions she was going to ask and her pad and pencil waiting by her favorite chair in the living room waiting for the first of them to show up .She had made cookies and juice for the interviews ,she wanted it to be a pleasant as possible .

The first of the students showed up a little early .Knocking on the door sent the dogs in a frenzy of barking .Willa calmed the pups down and answered the door keeping the pups back in a sitting position ….

“Hello …Can I help you ?”

“Hi Im Derik ..Im here for the room that was posted at the University ..you must be Willa …”

“Hello Derik ..please come in …this is Daisy and Torque ..and that is Miss Meow over there on the couch …”

Derik comes into the house  walking very cautiously …

“I wasn’t aware you had big dogs ..I don’t do well with big dogs …”

“Oh …I guess I should have put that on the information ..they are very well trained and would never hurt  a living person …would you prefer I put them away ?”

“No ..if Im going to live here I have to get use to them ..dont I ?”

“Well yes you would have to they have the run of the house at all times they are very good guard dogs ..”

“Would you like to continue ?”

“Sure ..Im sure I can get over my phobia as long as they are good dogs “

Looking at the pups sideways and nervously ,Derik held out his hand and let each pup sniff him .He petted each one in turn and they wagged their tails for him ,he smiled .They headed into the living room to sit down …

“So do you have questions for me ..Im sure you do ..”

“Well yes I do just a few …how old are you …what are you studying at the University …where are you living now …do you work …what kind of hours do you keep …I already know how feel about dogs what about cats …what are your feelings on vampire rights …what are your feeling on vampire in general ..that should due for a start ..”

“Ok ..well Im 23 …Im taking engineering Im in my second year ..Im living in the dorms now and I hate it I cant study or anything …I have a job working for a up and coming company my friend has started …I keep fairly normal hours I go to school during the day and work in the evenings ..I don’t party very much as this year is kicking my ass and I have to study allot…I love cats ..way more of a cat person then a dog person …vampire rights ..well to be honest I haven’t really thought about it until the infected started killing everyone  ..I lost allot of friends no family thank God …I started blaming all vampires ..hating every single one of you until I researched and found out that it was a human that started it all and you guys were the victims …I read about the camp and all that and it brought back all sort of stuff for my family as you see we are Jewish …so our family knows about being taken against your will , being tortured   and killed …I think vampires have a right to be here like any of us as long as they follow the law ..and I was following your story and I have to say I am very proud of what your trying to do Willa ..I think its important for your kind ..”

“Well thank you for that …lets get up and Ill show you around the house and grounds ..”

They walked around the grounds Willa showing Derik everything ,she was very proud of what she and Tara had built together .After the showing they talked for abit more then he left right before her next appointment .She barly saw Derik drive down the driveway when another car drove up .

It was a fire red sports car with a blonde girl driving .She sped up the drive sliding to a stop spraying stones everywhere.Almost jumping out of her car Willa noticed she had a limp as she skip walked to the house .She was a tiny little thing with wild blond hair and deep green eyes .She rang the bell  and waited for Willa to answer the door blowing bubbles with her gum .Willa answered the door with a smile on her face …

“Hello you must be Stacey ..Im Willa come in please ..”

“Hey Willa great to meet ya …”

She saw the dogs behind Willa sitting very quite waiting to be introduced .Stacey got down in a crouched position and called to the dogs …

“Oh babies come on I wont hurt you …come on babies ..”

Willa released them to go see Stacey .They ran to her and jumped all over her .Willa was going to say something them but Stacey was enjoying it so much .Loving their kisses and she was kissing them back ,petting them all over as they lay down for belly rubs ..

“Ok you two let her in the house …this is Daisy and Torque ..and that little ball of fluff is Miss Meow on the couch ..”

Stacey immediately went over to Miss Meow and gave her a few good rubs …

“Oh I love the house  its perfect ..just what I imagined …can we take a look around before we start the interview ..I have to have a look around there is just so much to see in these old houses ..”

“Sure I was going to leave that till later but what the hell ..”

They walked all over the house and it was like taking a kid to the candy store she loved everything .There was this wallpaper or that light everything was perfect to her ,she loved how the house flowed from room to room .Once outside Willa showed her the old out house and the old garage ,they took a look at the gardens and the pathways around the backyard .With Stacey there it was like Willa was seeing it for the first time again …

“How about some tea and well go talk inside …”

“How about we talk here under the canopy on the deck its just so beautiful out here ..”

“Sure that would be great ..ill go get you something to drink ..would you like a cookie or something ..”

“No Im fine just the drink ..”

Willa went into the kitchen and got Stacey a drink and met her out on the deck …

“So I have a few questions for you is that ok ?”

“Sure go ahead I thought you would ..”

She asked the same questions she asked Derik but got some amazing answers from her and they talked for longer then she expected .She heard the door bell ring ,it was the next appointment .She thought she had given enough time for the appointments so this wouldn’t happen but not with Stacey ,she was just so easy to talk to Willa had lost track of the time .Saying her goodbyes to Stacey and introducing herself to another student at the same time didn’t work out to well but it couldn’t be helped .

This went on for the next 3 hours meeting students ,all of them had their own great qualities but the one person who stuck in her mind was Stacey .This slip of a girl was great with the animals ,was in the same area of studies as she was and loved the house .She was defiantly having a second interview with her .

Smiling as the last of her interviews left she plopped herself on the couch and asked the animals what they thought .They looked as tired as she felt .She had a good feeling about having a roommate .She knew she didn’t want to live alone anymore .She knew she needed the company or she would go crazy …

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