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Two friends talking

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Two friends talking

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:30 am

Its been weeks with her new roommate and she loved it ,everything about it made Willa smile ,she picked the right person alright. Stacey was everything in a roommate a vampire could want .She was never home during the day ,a full class load made that impossible .She was home by seven every night and loved looking after the pups ,she took them for walks every night .She was clean ,overly so to the point of OCD Willa thought sometimes but so was Willa so that worked out well .She studied all of the time ,so no loud partying or even going out .She was very goal orientated , she knew what she wanted and how to get there .She was taking Geology and Anthropology as her majors  so she had a very full plate .

Willa couldn’t have asked for a better friend they had grown very close in these last few weeks as well .Stacey was in a bad car accident a few years back that’s why she limps, her leg was crushed .It took her a very long time to learn how to walk again and even longer to live again .Before she decided to go back to school she was in a very dark place after the accident ,one she didn’t think she would ever return from .But with some help from her family and a vampire friend who has since passed from the infection she made it out .

She had noticed Willa around school muttering to herself looking half crazed most of the time, she had decided that she was going to try and make friends .But before that could happen she found Willa’s post on the board and decided she needed a change and so did Willa ,so she applied .She told Willa all this one night while they were drinking some wine just to see what she would say …

“Really you moved in here just to make friends ???”

“No that’s not the only reason ..I needed a change as well …but you looked like you needed one badly and I thought we would become great friends ..and look we are …plus if I knew you had this house I would have been here sooner …(laughing)..”

“Funny …well your right I did need a change and you living here has been wonderful and the fur babies love you …I really missed this with Tara ..we would sit and talk for hours ..it gets lonely after awhile ..I don’t know how other vampires do it …being alone all the time ..”

“Well its hard when you live for hundreds of years to find someone to spend it with unless you have another vampire to spend it with …have you ever thought of making one ??”

“Oh no never ..I would never do that to anyone even if they think they want it ..this life is not that great believe me …having to drink other people blood to survive …taking anothers life …no I would never ..most make another for selfish reasons …Im just not that selfish …I would rather have mortal friends ..and try to fit into main stream living ..I have a donor ..and I hear they are working on another synthetic blood …so when that comes out I will live on that …”

“Well ..dont you like being a vampire and all the things it has given you …I mean you are finishing 4th year Law in two years plus you have your Accounting and Business degrees ..all in two years …that’s amazing …not even the smartest human could do that …not to mention all the other perks that come with being a vampire ..strength …speed…”

“I do enjoy being a vampire …but if I could do it all over again I don’t know if I would make the same choices …I have lost so much because of being a vampire or because of the vampire world …would I have lost nearly as much if I never knew any of it I don’t think so …but you cant change the past …so I am what I am and I make the best with what I have …I do what a better world for my species ..I want to be able to help make new laws so we are equal to humans  ..I want to get rid of the laws my father put in place before he died …I want vampires to be able to have vampires fighting for their rights …there is no more Authority so something else needs to be put into place …I wouldn’t be able to do any of it if I wasn’t a the vampire  I am …”

“Well I think its great what your doing for your race …I hope you can make a change …there does need to be equal rights for sure …but you know its going to take more then you …your going to need help …Ive been reading up on my vampire history and there are some pretty interesting things in there ..we should sit down some night and go over this book I found on your history …maybe it would help you understand the old ones better …”

“Yes that sounds great …thanks …learning about ones history would help for sure ..maybe it will help me understand the older vampires …they do love their inhumanity …”

They talked well into the early morning hours that night about allot of things but it was the first time Stacey would bring up Willa turning a human but it would not be the last .

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