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Holly Cleary

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Sexual Spells

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:40 pm

Thinking over the last gathering as she gets ready for the anniversary so they can destroy the child spell  .She wonders if this is really the right thing to do .The last gathering they talked at great length about this and they all agreed this was the best thing to do, but she had her doubts .She wondered if they could release the spirit of the child without sending it to hell for lack of a better word once her spell was destroyed .She had been researching since the last gathering to see if there was another way ,a way to set her soul free .She had found a spell that she thought would work and she was going to try it before the coven got there .

She laid out the amber crystals on a circle with a red one in the middle .Then she drew a pentagram at each earth point and lite the candles .She stood in the middle and chanted …

Champions of light, I call to thee
Release this soul of this child let it fly free
Break the chains that hold it down
Let it be a beacon light to be found
Champions of light ,I call to thee
Release this soul of this child let it fly free
Break the chains that hold it down
Let it be a beacon of light to be found
Let her fly to your light oh Goddess where she will find peace

Holly chanted and danced for the Goddess for well over an hour until she felt the room grow with light ,a breeze blew through the store as it floated to her and around her .It hovered over her taking the shape of the girl it had once been .She was a slip of a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes .Hovering there between the loving lights of the Goddess and Holly ,she had to decide what to do .She wanted to stay with Holly ,she loved her .But no one has ever opened a way to the Goddess for her, but that just made her love Holly even more .She wanted to give Holly a gift ,the gift of her power but didn’t know how to do it without possessing  her.So she tried to do it by passing through Holly hopefully leaving some of her power behind .

Holly looked up seeing the child hovering above she smiled at the child and the child smiled back ..

“Go …go with the Goddess sweetheart …please go they are going to be here soon..please …”

The child cocked her head and smiles again and then floats right in front of Holly and then right into her .Holly freezes taking a short breath ,she sees the life of the child everything from her birth to her horrid death .She feels a surge of energy  then nothing .

The next thing she sees is the coven all around her trying to pick her up off the floor …

“Oh my god Holly are you ok ..”Sam askes as she is helping Holly off the floor

“Holly holy cow …give me our hand ..” Kate says giving her hand to help

“Why yes Im ok …I don’t know what happened ...I was standing here and then the next thing you are all here …I was ..well …I was doing a spell and I don’t know ..”Holly said

“What spell ..Holly what did you do ?”Sam asked

“Ok …well I thought that I could send the child to the Goddess instead of …you know down there once her spell was destroyed …I have been researching it and I found a way …I didn’t think she deserve to go down there …so I did the spell …and I think it worked …I saw her …she was so beautiful ..and she showed me everything that happened to her and it was horrid …and after that I must of passed out …but I know she went to the Goddess ..I saw the Goddess waiting for her it was so beautiful …and before I passed out the child in her natural form touched me ..she was so full of love …I know she is safe now ..”

The ladies of the coven all looked at each other not knowing what to say.It was Sam who spoke first …

“Holly she could have killed you ..how did you even know the spell would work …are you insane …you let her touch you …are you crazy …we are still destroying that spell ..”Sam said so angry that she could barely see.

“Of course we are still destroying the spell …but we cant destroy her as well ..she is safe …and that is all I wanted …I feel it was something I had to do …ever since I found that spell I have felt that the child wasn’t the evil thing everyone thought  …she was just a child after all when she was murdered…she needed someone to care about her and not condemn her …”

“Well I hope you right or you have just let loose the most dangerous spirit we have seen in a very long time …lets get to ridding ourselves of this summing spell ..”

They take down Hollys candles and pentagram but leave the crystals then write a new pentagram with blood and wine.They add several black candles and a cauldron where they place several potions and finally the spell .They gathered around the cauldron and started to chant …

Goddess of the land
Goddess of the sea
Goddess hear our plea
Take this spell from our hands
Destroy it with your might
Goddess of the land
Goddess of the sea
Goddess hear our plea

They chant for only moments when the spell in the cauldron catches fire .It burns a bright flame for only seconds before its out and the page is gone .They are all surprised at how quick it took for the page to be gone .Holly knows its because the child was with the Godddess ,th others weren’t so sure .As they were cleaning up Sam voiced her concerns to Holly …

“Holly I am very worried about you …I want you to call me if anything happens out of the ordinary ..ok ..please ..this all seemed to easy …maybe your right about it all but I like to stay on the side of caution..”Sam said very concerned

“Yeah …for sure Ill call you …look ..I know what I did wasn’t the smartest thing in the world but I thought I had to …and it all worked out  ..if anything comes up Ill call ..I promise ..now its getting late y’all should scoot ..I can clean up the rest tomorrow …”

As everyone was leaving Sam gave Holly one last look over her shoulder .Holly waved and locked the door behind them ,she headed to her office to get her purse and computer .She felt good about what she did tonight ,she freed a spirit .The only thing is why did she pass out ,the child was right in front of her and touched her and then nothing, a big blank .Did she feel something right before a surge of power or something she thought.She walked into her office the lights came on automatically ,she looked over at the switch and wondered if she just it without thinking .She picked up her purse , books  and computer then left the office almost hitting the lights before they turned themselves off .She looked at the switch and thought on and they turned on then thought off and they turned off .She smiled a little smile and went home .

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