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So much for secrets

Holly Cleary

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Sexual So much for secrets

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:22 am

Holly woke with a scream in her throat and covered in sweat .It was the middle of the night a couple weeks after the child had touched her .Every night since then she had nightmares of the childs life and her horrid death .She hadn’t told anyone she just endured them every night because with the nightmares also came the power.

She had been practicing every day with her new powers early every morning out behind the mansion  .They were growing she was able to move several things with her mind now ,she was up to lawn chairs .She loved the way the power felt surging through body when she used it .It felt like a soft caress flowing over her skin then through her body then she releases it into whatever she wants to move .This morning she was trying something heavier ,she was trying the barbeque .As she was concentrating on the heavy metal moving it slightly ,then feeling it give away and lift ….

“OH my fuckin God Holly what the fuck are you doing ???”Arlene half screamed

The barbeque came  crashing to the ground  but didn’t tip over …

“Ummm…I…I..was just trying out a new spell ?” Holly said sheepishly

“No you were not ..I don’t see any fucking potions or shit like that ..what the hell Holly ..” Arlene said back very upset

“Ok …Well…it’s a long story …”Holly said hopping that Arlene would leave it alone

“What the fuck Holly …Long story or not your gonna tell me how you can move the fuckin barbeque …and you better be straight with ne or Im gonna tell Andy ..”She said with a smirk on her face .

“Ok ..Ok …So you know I had Marnies spell book ..well there was a spell on the back ..a very dangerous spell about the rage of a child…so I took it not sure what I would so with it …the coven I have been meeting with wanted Marnies book back ..another long story …so I gave them the book minus the spell …I did some research about the spell and it turned out that it was about this little girl that was burned at the stake for witch craft at the age of 9-10 because she could talk to the dead …”

“So the coven wanted to get together to destroy the spell ..but if you do that the little girl would go to hell …so I found a way through my research that I could open a gateway to the Goddess so the little girl could cross over …so before the coven got to my store to destroy the spell I preformed the other spell to let the little girl cross over …so little girl touched me and gave some of her powers to me before she crossed over …”

“I have been having these terrible nightmares about her, her life and her death .My powers are growing every day ,but I wonder if they would be if I didn’t work them …I can light things on fire too ..” she smiles that little smile she has acquired  

“Well..if that is the short version the long version must be some story …you have to be more careful you know anyone could have walked up on you ..your lucky it was just me …so this very powerful angry witch that you released touches you in gratitude passing on her power and you were going to keep this a secret from your family …are you insane …how do you know theses powers are good powers …how do you know they were given to you with good intention…your coven wanted to destroy her spell and her so she must have been bad   …. ”

“Ok yes ..her spell was one of the most dangerous to cast …she was a rage spell..and no one survived her spell once it was spoken ..but you must understand she was just a little girl and no one had ever given her the chance to go with the Goddess …her rage was from a childs point of view ..I took a chance and thank Goddess it paid off …I didn’t think she would give me a gift for it ..”Holly said mentally stirring her coffee.

“A gift ..are you serious ..you don’t know what it is ..it could be a curse ..and stop doing that with your coffee…how do you know this was a gift …it sounds like this child lost everything other than her anger a long time ago …Im just worried that with that much power a person will get relying on it and addicted to it …and what about these nightmares …maybe you should stop using the power and see if the nightmares go away ..”narrowing her eyes as only Arlene can do.

“I have thought about that ..but I thought it was better to get control of the power then nightmares ..plus I didn’t want to have the powers just showing up like me thinking of something and it happening right in front of everyone …like a couple of days ago I was at the store and I was thinking about this book and it flew off the shelf then landed at my feet ,thank the Goddess that no one was in the store …so that’s when I really thought I needed to get some control over this ..”Drinking the last of her coffee

“Well what can I do to help besides get ya another cup of coffee ?” Looking down at her cup as well smiling .

“Keep my secret until Im ready to tell Andy and the boys …I want to have more control over it then maybe it wont be so scary for them ,specially Andy ...Hes gonna come unglued anyway …maybe help me train …and watch my back if you see things floating around and shit …let me know (laughing)..” smiling at Arlene

“Yeah I can do that for awhile but not for ever Andy and the kids deserve to know …and I know you ..you hate secrets so I know it wont be to long …How about that refill and some breakfast ..”smiling at Holly.

“Yeah Im starved ..”getting up stretching .

They walk around to front of the house arm in arm  laughing ,joking with one another .They go up the steps and into the house to where the rest of the family was just starting their day ..

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