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An outing...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual An outing...

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:42 pm

It was two in the morning and Willa snuck into Staceys room to wake her up for their outing .She whispered in to the cool air ..

“Stacey are you awake ?”

“Yes Im almost ready ..you can turn on that light if you want ..”

“Ok why are you in the dark if you’re getting ready ?”

“I wanted to see if I was wearing dark enough clothing ..and I guess I was.. you didn’t even see me sitting here ..so much for vampire eyes …”

“Well good for you …no I didn’t see you sitting there …you look great just make sure you keep your head covered …Ill wait for you down stairs ..”

Willa went down stairs to fit the pups with their GPS tracking collars with the little cameras inside of them .So she could see everything they see before they move ahead into the vampire territory .She planned on sending the pups first just to be safe since Stacey couldn’t move very fast.They hopefully find a safe place to sit and watch the goings on for abit .Stacey headed down the stairs covered head to toe in black ,she even had a black scarf to cover her face .

They headed out of the house the pups eager for the trip ,they jump into the back of the SUV and they head out .Its a fairly long drive to where they were headed so Willa went over some rules Stacey had to abide by while they were in vampire territory …

“So the pups will be heading out first to see whats going on and if there is a safe place for us to hang out and watch …once they come back we will head out ..you need to listen to every word I tell you …if I say move you move …if I need to pick you up and run you will let me …do you understand …if we go out there you have to follow me without any complaint ..it could mean your life …do we understand each other ?”

“Yes I understand …Ill follow everything you say I promise ..”

They talked about where the best place was to go ,who they were going to watch and what they might see .About five minutes out Willa turned on the pups collars and let them out .They took off running barking and having a great time .She turned on her receiver and saw them running along the sidewalk like she taught them sniffing the air then continued on .She found a place to park and waited for the pups to get closer to the vampires hang out .

It was a rundown bar just off an alley in the middle of one of the worst neighborhoods in all of Shreveport  .You wont just find vampires in there but the worst of the worst humans as well .The pups were closing in on the bar when behind them came rumbling from several motorcycles  one which tried to run the pups over but they were too fast for the biker ,they ran and hid under some brush by the side of the rode .Willa nearly left the SUV when she saw that happen but had to stay herself and just made a mental note of the biker for later .

Once the bikers were in the bar the pups came out again looking both ways before they fully emerged then sniffed the air and headed to the bar .They crawled up to the bar windows and looked in so Willa could see with the cameras what was going on .She whistled through the microphone and the pups came running back to the SUV ,she had seen enough to know that Stacey will get her fill .The pups came back covered in dirt but no worse for wear leapt in the back of the truck and got their favorite treats.

Willa looked over at Stacey and asked …

“You ready ..it looks like its going to be a very entertaining night ..we have vampires and bikers both in the same bar …should be very entertaining …what do you say …lets go ..”

“Are you sure this is going to be safe …I mean I know its not totally safe but you will watch out for me right ?”

“I wont let anything happen to you I promise ..”

“Ok then lets go..”

They get out of the SUV and head north to a little shop across from the bar it has the perfect window for watching in the window of the bar .Willa lets the pups go ahead abit just to make sure there is nothing in front of them .They reach the shop and break in from the side door ,all of them slip in unnoticed .They head to the window and peer out Stacey can see everything happening in the bar and has a smile on her face .Willa stands back watching while the pups lay down and rest but always on alert…

“Things seem to be going well over there everyone is getting along it seems …the vampires have a couple of donors they are feeding on …the bikers don’t seem to mind …but they are drinking heavily …”

Stacey cant seem to take her eyes off the vampires that are feeding ,her mouth open as she licks her lips …

“They wont drain them ..will they ..I mean they wont kill them will they …aren’t they suppose to just take enough to fill them …they don’t have to kill them …”

She watches grabbing the window casing  as tight as she can …

“They wont kill them here …not now if they are smart ..the bikers wont stand for that …maybe they are planning on killing the bikers as well ..we will have to watch it play out …”

“Isnt there a law against them killing their food source …?”

“There was before the infection ….but who is there to enforce it now …if they want to kill they will …”

She watches for hours and not much happens except feeding and drinking .Then all hell breaks loose .One thing Willa has been watching that no one else has is the biker in the back, he is the one who tried to run the pups over  ,he has been watching the vampires .He has noticed that they have drained one of their donors to death and the other one was on his way .The biker was none too happy about it with every drink he was getting more and more dangerous .

He gets up smashing his mug on the table and heads over to where the vampires were sitting…

“What in the fucking hell are you fangers going to do about this ..”sweeping his arm across the two donors laying on top of the tables .

“Well my dear friend we are going to do absolutely nothing …What do you plan on doing about that ..?” one very short lankly vampire said

“Well I plan on breaking your fucking neck …so lets go fanger ..”

All at once all the bikers were out of their seats standing behind the first biker ready to go .Knives  were out in an instant there were some guns with wooden bullets and all were ready to fight to the death .The vampires got up and the fight was on .The first biker lunged at the short vampire with knife in hand and thrust it into the stomach of the vampire  ,the vampire howled in pain .He took the arm of the biker and twisted it until her heard it crack and then the biker screamed in pain and let go of the knife .The vampire grabbed him and bit him in the neck tearing out a huge piece of flesh  .The biker goes down .

Several other vampires fight the bikers one is dissolved by a wooden bullet .Another kills a biker by ripping his head off .One vampire is killed by the president of the bikers by having his neck slashed open with a silver knife then finally his head is cut off .By the end of it all there were two vampires out of five left and three out of nine bikers left .They agreed to leave it at that and go their separate ways .The bar was a blood bath …

Stacey was stunned….

“Willa is that a normal life for a vampire ..I mean you don’t live like that …?”

“I have money …they don’t …I have ambition …they do not …there are more like them then like me that is for sure …being a vampire changes you …you need the right maker first of all …one who wants to be a maker…”

“Most vampire live to feed and that is all …you never know how its going to turn out ..”

“Come on lets get back before we are noticed ..”

They snuck out of the shop and around the back of the building running into one of the vampires leaving the bar ….

“What are you two pretties doing here …”

“We are just leaving …thanks ..come on Stacey ..”

“Stacey what a delicious name …they call me Anton …and you my lovely ..?”

“Your worst nightmare if you don’t leave us alone …now back the fuck off Anton ..”

Willa whistled for the pups ,they came running back barking and growling at the vampire while they circled him …

“Now as you can see we are busy so beat it …”

They continued walking arm in arm just in case Willa had to pick Stacy up and run with her .Anton followed them …

“I don’t want to hurt anyone ..I just need a little pick me up from your little friend here ..I need it now ..”

“Daisy ..Torque now …”

The pups attacked the vampire as Willa pushed Stacey down and hit him in the face then kicked him in the gut .He went down the pups went to town on him ripping and tearing him apart with their huge teeth .The vampire was screaming Willa reached down into the fray of snarling teeth and grabbed the vampire by the throat  she dug her nails into his flesh squeezed and pulled with all her strength and pulled his throat out ,then the dogs did the rest .He was dead .

She called the pups to her she picked up Stacey and ran back to the SUV just in case someone heard them .At the truck she put Stacey down and waited for the dogs to catch up .Once there she got some towels out gave them a good once over and  cleaned them the best she could , she hated all that blood on their coats .She put them in the back and looked over Stacey …

“Are you alright …that was pretty intense back there ..I didn’t push you to hard did I ?”

“Im fine …what was that why did you kill him …did you have to ..?”

“Oh yea ..he was getting ready to take you from me …that I have no doubt and you should have no doubt either …better get in and back on the road ..”

Driving back Stacey was having problems with the brutal killings …

“So even if he was going to take me the only choice is to kill him ..?”

“ Yes that is the only way in our world …you have to be stronger then the next guy …if you’re not you better know someone who is …its going to be this way until we have someone to govern us again …it’s a very scary way to live …why do you think I have trained my dogs the way I have …they are like having another warrior with me …it’s a kill or be killed world out there …Im lucky I have money and I don’t have to live in that …”

They drove the rest of the way home in silence ,Willa hoping that tonight had a impact on Stacey and she leaves wanting to be a vampire by the side of the road .

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