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Stealing ...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Stealing ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:47 am

It just so happens Torque was sleeping with Willa the day Stacey tried to drain some more blood from her .She had been doing this while Willa slept for weeks now .She would creep into her room prick her finger and gently milk a small vile of blood from Willa .But today was different Torque barked the moment Stacey opened the door and Willa was up like a shot ….

“What the hell is going on …is there trouble ..is it day light still …Stacey what are you doing in my room ?”

“Sorry Willa I didn’t know Torque was in here I was going to borrow a shirt ..your red one with the plaid …I didn’t mean to wake you …”

“Oh no problem its down in the wash …come on Torque come on up  ..you can sleep with ma ma today ..yes you can …ok see you tonight ..”

“Yea ..see you tonight …”

Stacey closed the door taking a last look at Willa and Torque on her bed snuggling  .What was she going to do now ,she needed that blood .She had only 3 viles left and she owed 5 to Rick .She and Rick had made a deal once she moved into Willas house that she would get blood for him and he would get pain killers for her .She has been addicted to Oxy for years since the accident that almost took her whole leg .She has tried many ways to get off the pain meds but nothing has worked so she just lives with the fact that she is an addict .

She wishes she could just ask Willa for some of her blood but she knows Willa would never go for it, but what are her options now. She almost got caught today and sooner or later Willa will find out .She waits for a couple of hours and decides she has no choice but to try again .

This time she brings treats for Torque and shakes the bag outside of the door .She hears him jump off the bed and whimper at the door .Opening the door Torque trots out nose in the air ,she gives him several treats and they head down stairs .She gives both dogs bones to keep them happy and waits another hour .Trusting in the fact the Willa is sleeping again she heads up to her room .

Stacey slowly opens up Willas door and finds Willa laying on her bed dead to the world .Stacey creeps up pricks her finger and begins to milk Willas finger .She needs more than normal though so she takes her small knife and pokes Willas finger and the blood flows .Stacey smiles as she fills up several viles .But what she hasn’t noticed is that Willa has woken up when she poked her with the knife and has been watching the whole scene .Stacey closes the last vile and pinches the knife wound to close it but it wouldn’t close it just kept dripping blood so she figured she would fill up yet another vile .Willa was astonished at the whole thing …

“Ummm excuse me …planning on draining me dry do you ??”

Stacey jumped back about 5 feet clutching her viles to her chest looking wild eyed and very very scared …

“Willa your awake …Oh god …please don’t kill me …”

Willa rolled off her bed licking her finger walking over to Stacey …

“And tell me why I shouldn’t …why shouldn’t I kill you right now ..you were stealing my blood Stacey …I open my house to you …I protect you …feed you …befriend you …trust you …and this is how you pay me back …you steal my blood ???”

Willa was enraged ,she had never been this mad at a human before except her father .She didn’t know what to do she wanted to kill her ,feed on her and let her blood flow down her throat .She reached for her grabbed her by the neck and sunk her fangs deep in her throat and drank deeply .She drank and drank until she realized that she very well could kill her so she threw her out of her room down into the living room on to the couch …

“How dare you do this to me Stacey …how dare you betray me like this …”

Willa walks down the stairs to the living room where she finds Stacey in the fetal position crying bleeding from the neck .Willa goes to her grabs her gain and seals her wounds then throughs her back on the couch …

“What do you have to say for yourself …Id like to know what is so fucking important you would steal my blood for …”

Through whimpers and tears Stacey tries to tell her story …

“There is this guy  who sells Oxy that I need for my pain …I know Im an addict …but I need my medicine or Im in terrible pain …he trades me vampire blood for the Oxy …I know you would never just give me your blood …your not like that …this was my only option my doctors cut me off and my mom cut me off money wise …I cant work cuz of school I have a full class load and the only way I can go to school is to be pain free …no body gets that …so I was left with stealing your blood to get my pills …Im so sorry but you do what you have to do to survive ..”

Stacey laid her head on the couch and cried .Willa did feel sorry for her living with chronic pain is hard ,one of her Aunts had really bad chronic pain from an accident much like Staceys .Willa softened abit sat down on the couch by Stacey and put her had on Stacey’s leg ,she jumped …

“Look you have no idea what I would have said if you would have asked ..I might have said no to my blood but yes to buying the pills …I know how hard you work at school ..and I see how much pain you are in a lot of the time ..Im not blind ..but taking my blood ..how could you do that I thought we were friends …you know your going to have to find a new place to live …Ill give you 2 weeks …and Ill give you enough money to buy a 3 month supply of your pain meds …Im really sorry it ended this way… I really liked you ..your lucky I am who I am or you would be dead ..”

Willa headed up stairs with both dogs and into her bed room .She closed the door and laid on her bed and started to cry .Was there no one who she could trust and have in her life that didn’t want something from her .The dogs jumped on the bed and snuggled by her ,she brought both of them closer .She wished that Tara was there .Not since Tara had there been anyone who she could call friend ,maybe she should stop trying .Maybe they were all right .Maybe vampires are truly meant to be alone …

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