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A new boyfriend

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual A new boyfriend

Post by Willa Burrell on Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:43 pm

Today was the day Stacey was moving out .The bulk of the move was done during the day but the final goodbyes were done once Willa was up and dressed...

“So you have everything then ...”

“Yes its all in the last truck heading to my Aunts ...Willa I just want to say how sorry I am that it went this way ...I really like you and I really didn’t want to hurt you ..”

“Well I guess you should have thought of that before you stole my blood ...seriously Stacey you’re lucky I am who I am or you would be dead ...I really wanted this friendship ...goodbye Stacey ...”

And she shut the door before Stacey could say another word .

She walked into her living room deflated drained eyes brimming with tears and flopped herself down on the couch .She cried for a while with her furry family around her .The phone rang numerous times before she heard it ....

“Hello ...(sniffling and whipping her tears )..oh hey Chase ...yeah she is gone ...yeah kinda bummed ....yeah that would be great ...Ill get ready see ya soon ..”

Whipping her tears as she heads up stairs to get ready for what Chase has called the Art fantastical of the season and she has tickets .Willa jumped into the shower and had a quick one then out to dry off and slip into a beautiful deep red dress with red heels and a set of pearls around her neck and on her ears .She was ready to go in 20 minutes she heard the honk of Chases horn and down the stairs she went then out the door for a wonderful night of art mingling.

As they get out and hand the attendant the keys to Chases car they head into the gallery ,they were in awe of the contemporary art in the first section of the gallery .Willa hadn’t been in a gallery for years but loved art dearly ,she made a mental note to visit more often .....

“Oh thanks you so much Chase ...this is wonderful ...I was so down in the dumps after Stacey left ...this is exactly what I needed ...how did you get tickets to such an event ?”

“No problem I thought you would be abit down after she left ...I got the tickets from my dad he gets invited to all these things but never goes so if you like this sort of thing I can always get tickets ...Come on lets go to the east wing ...”

“I love this ..if he can get more tickets I would love to go ...everything is so beautiful and calming in here...whats in the east wing ?”

“Vampire art ...this vampire named Ramzi has his own wing here ...his art is amazing ..come on ..”

“Ramzi ..I have never heard of him ...what kind of art does he do ?”

“Ummm ...sort of in your face art ...you have to see it ...we are almost there ..”

“Ok sounds interesting ...”

“Here we are... Ramzi is normally around here somewhere ..lets look around ..”

“Wow ...in your face doesn’t even cover it ..look at all the colors and how he blends them ...oh look at that one ..come over here Chase ...look  at this one ...look how he has taken the figure and melted it into the background ...oh his stuff is wonderful ...”

“Why thank you my dear...Im Ramzi ...and you are ?”

“Oh hello ...Im Willa and this is Chase ...your work is beautiful ...Im enchanted ..”

“Why thank you coming from such a beauty as yourself ..it is a rare compliment ..here let me give you and your friend a tour of the work ..”

“That would be wonderful ...come on Chase ..”

They walk around his gallery while he explains his work to them .Willa is intrigued by this vampire . Ramzi is 6 foot 3 inchs tall sleek muscular body with olive skin ,black hair and deep green eyes .He has taken a liking to Willa and as they wonder around his gallery his intentions become clearer and clearer ...

“Willa would you go out with me later some night  after my gallery closes ...I find you extremely interesting ...”

Willa looks to Chase and Chase nods back at her with a big smile on her face  ..

“Yes I would love to go out with you ...but my classes at school come first  ...so what about I just show up after class one night next week ..will that work ?”

“Yes thats great ...I cant wait ...but I must attend to my other clients ..so next week ...dont forget ...good bye Willa ..”

“Goodbye Ramzi ...I wont forget ..”

Chase and Willa head to the other smaller galleries but Willa couldn’t get Ramzi off her mind ,he was just so handsome and his art was so beautiful .Painting after painting ,statue after statue nothing compared to Ramzi’s work and Willa was getting bored .They finished the galleries and headed to the car ...

“So Im beat do you mind if I just drop you off ...?”

“No problem Chase ..we can go out for drinks some other time ...plus I have some studying to do ...and I have to figure what day is good to meet up with Ramzi ..”

“Ahhhh I thought you were going to go for it ...he is so sexy ....you have to let me know what happens ...Im thinking you could go wed. Because you don’t have your accounting that day remember ...”

“Oh your right ...that would be a great day ...well ok ...Ill see you at school tomorrow ..thanks again for the night out ...”

Willa hops out of Chases car and heads in to her house .The dogs meet her with whimpers whines and kisses .She puts her purse in the kitchen then heads upstairs to change into the pjs .Once comfortable she sits at the coffee table and starts studying but is very distracted by the naughty thoughts she was having of Ramzi .

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