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Business as Usual

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Business as Usual

Post by Kiara Griffen on Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:02 pm

She shook her head. “No no no! It MUST be O negative, nothing else will do” she said into her earpiece as she drove out of Bon Temp and towards an undisclosed location. “Look, this is the Vampire King of Louisiana we’re talking about here. I don’t care how many asses you gotta kiss but we need Royal O negative blood or it’ll be my head on a pike” she said before hanging up and letting out a sigh. She could find fang bangers a-plenty, after all she still ran a business off it, but try to find untainted o negative blood that isn’t in a bag? And suddenly she was trying to steal the hope diamond or something.
She parked her car outside a warehouse and stepped out. There were guards outside but they let her in without question. She grinned. Nothing like being around wolves to prove just how much nicer it was to be two natured. Once inside the warehouse looked totally different. It was like a sort of dorm, with young humans of varying ages, ethnicities, blood types and genders; her basic stock of human donors. She kept them fed and out of the streets, they in turn serviced the vampires. It was very quid pro quo but it paid like none other. Most of these humans wanted to be bitten anyways, having that delusion that a vampire would turn them. As she checked on all the supplies, making sure everyone had been fed and gone through their regular health checkups she went into a back office. She always had a long list of people who wanted to apply for this job. Some of them were idiot humans looking to make a quick buck, others were humans who wanted to provide for their families and lacked the skills or knowledge for any regular jobs. She didn’t mind helping some of them depending on the situation. She employed several single parents whom in exchange for blood were paid enough to care for their young.
However currently she was running low on the banger part of the fangbanger stock. People were willing to give blood, but only a select few were willing to give blood and sex. Unlike others who engaged in this trade she was very selective of her product. Free of any disease, any drug addiction, her blood stock was as pure as it could be considering it was human and as such she was always in high demand from vampires who knew her. It was also the reason the Shreveport Pack left her alone. As long as she supplied vampires were kept away from the wolves and viceversa. She’d rather have someone get paid for their blood than some innocent get drained and left for dead.
As she scanned the list of applicants a few jumped out at her; young runaways as usual. She usually never took them in because for the most part they were just young idiots looking for attention whilst their parents worried sick. She instead focused on the young adults. Some of them were the typical ‘starving artist’ type which was always good. They tended to keep quiet easily and as long as they weren’t on drugs their blood was highly sought after. She lined up a few potentials, even surprised that among them were not one, but two with AB- blood, a very rare blood type. She grinned, calling the few real employees she had, some strong armed humans and lone wolves to go pick up the potential human recruits. She leaned back in her seat. If push came to shove she’d drain the O neg blood herself for the king, but for now she’d have her supplier find some. She made a few more calls before ordering in lunch.
The 20 or so humans in the warehouse were already being brought their own food, she could hear them bustling around. She took a moment to ponder how she went from an exiled were in Jackson, to a blood donor supplier in Louisiana.

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